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Gluten Free Goodness and Lightning Strikes – Day 4 Part Two

29 Jul

We only spent an hour and a half at the Yampah¬†Caves… A girl can only be submerged in 110′ water and steam for so long. We left fresh-faced, bushy-tailed and famished. Literally starving.

Yes I know it’s blurry.. Sorry ūüė¶

Our food options can be limited.. as we have now found out in the great wide open..and being organic freaks and anti-chemical/preservative..we find we are regularly hungry. Hence Angie consuming so many sunflower seeds despite hating them.¬† I was so hungry at this point I was willing to forgo all of our food requirements (within reason, we could never do McDonald’s¬†– have you seen the 4-year-old¬†cheeseburger from there? google it)¬†– with the exception of the gluten thing-¬†so while Angie was jabbering away on the phone I pulled into the first mom and pop looking place I saw in Glenwood and gave her no chance to object.

We walked into Chomp’s Delicatessen¬†with growling¬†tummies¬†and nerves. I know we are weirdo freaks…at least we know this. We were greeted by the smiley smart assed¬†owner…a perfect match for us. We asked him 427 questions about his meats, veggies, preservatives etc; I know I said we were going to try to forgo our food requirments..but this is harder said than done. After successfully¬†satisfying all of our rigid standards..we sprung the big one on him.. he had to make our sandwiches on the loaf of bread I had in my car. Yes we carry bread. At this point he simply remarked – how did the two of you get anyone to marry you? Angie burst¬†into laughter…and then he made our sandwiches on our bread…actually he and Nelly made them..with love. ¬†I ordered a veggie sandwich with added Salami…yes¬†I know – an oxymoron. I’m Italian – I wish I did not like Salami..but I do – I love it. Angie had a straight veggie. The sandwiches were delicious in¬†every sense of the word. He toasted the bread and melted¬†provolone and sun-dried¬†tomatoes into¬†the bread..then layered them with fresh¬†basil,¬†ripe red¬†tomato, avocado, seasoning and for me salami. We ate them so fast we could not take a picture. We then fantasized about them regularly over the next few days. If you’re in the area you must go there¬†and tell Robert¬†the owner that ¬†the crazy road trip girls with their own bread sent you..

Nelly and Robert – he had to cover his face because he said there were a lot of people after him..

Back on the road. Our main objective at this point was to cover as many possible miles as we could. The more we drive today Рthe less tomorrow and the sooner we would be in Vegas laying by the pool. The pool at the Hard Rock is a very powerful motivator for covering ground on the open highway. That and the cloud like dreamy beds, amazing view from our soon to be room, the $4 happy hour nachos and two for one Cadillac margaritas at Pink Taco. We were focused and motivated.

The next few hours were uneventful. We reminisced and told each other ‘remember when’ stories, surfed through¬†Sirius¬†radio, enjoyed the¬†Colorado Rivers beauty, headed into Utah…drum roll¬†and into an incredibly ¬†beautiful lightning storm. We were a little concerned that at some point we would be ‘in’ the lightning storm but we told our selves that the possibility of no rain existed and that we would not be struck. We were right on one¬† front ¬†and of course poor Angie was driving. I offered to switch 60 times but I think the prospect of me driving in the rain was scarier for her than the actual rain itself and her having to drive through it. She wouldn’t say that but I know that’s the truth! After 8 failed attempts to capture the lightning on video I hit¬†the jackpot.¬†¬†Video is about a minute long and if your impatient -giant lightning is in the last 10 seconds. ūüôā

And then the heavens parted and the rain started. Now it should be said that Angie lives in Oregon – rain central – and I lived in Hawaii for 7 years… lots of rain there too. Neither one of us had seen nor experienced rain like this. The drops were falling sideways, were the size of golf balls¬†and¬†it was so loud when it hit the car that ¬†we had to yell to hear each other speak. Everyone was driving 10mph¬†with their hazards on. At one point we decided we had to stop driving – it was just to dangerous-¬†so we pulled over into a rest area to wait it out. All of this was cramping our get to Vegas in a hurry style. Dang it. After a brief stop it did let up and we crawled back onto the highway.¬†¬†Sunflower seeds, cherries, grapes, blueberries¬†and cookies¬†were on the dinner menu-¬†we should have gotten¬†an extra sandwich from Chomp’s¬†to go…so we were hungry – again.¬† Fruit and seeds are not filling long-term¬†and we’d fight you over that. LOL

I’d bought a Caramello candy bar at a gas station – yes we were still getting unbelievable gas mileage in the diesel ūüôā – but Angie made me feel like I would die from consuming the chemicals on the spot so I threw it out after one bite.We drove until 11:30 that night and stopped at a Comfort Inn located right of the 70 in Richfield, Utah. Of course we called 14 places and asked how soft the beds were. Would you expect anything less from us? By this point we had figured out how to get all of our luggage out of the car and into the room in one attempt…it looked kind of like a long luggage train with the cooler in the middle and a bunch of stuff piled on top while we each wheeled one bag and carried another. We were really proud of this – big improvement from Day One…but a hysterical sight to see.¬†¬†We crawled into our soft¬†¬†beds absolutely utterly beat but with the thought of the Hard Rock pool embedded in the forefront of our minds.

¬†We had logged 501 miles and were definitely feeling it. Only one more day of driving and then 4 days of R&R! Road trips require a recovery vacation afterward. Seriously¬†ūüôā


Eden and Angela

3 In A King and A Super Hot Soak! Day 4 Part One.

28 Jul

Yes I know. This is late. Really late…and it’s¬†only Part One. Live blogging has it’s challenges..such as internet access and hangover recovery and long bout’s of driving. These things all factored into the delay this time. We are just full of excuses aren’t we? ūüôā Moving on…cuz’ the good news is… The first half of Day 4 is here now and the second half will be up tomorrow and then Day 5 is coming and VEGAS¬†– can you say undercover sting operation¬†with the¬†Las Vegas¬†Police Department! Seriously. ¬†I can make no¬†promises about attempting to keep this short.. It’s going to be a long one-¬†to much¬†good stuff to share – so pour yourself a¬†glass of¬†something and prepare for a¬†stiff read! LOL

After a restful night – kind of – no not really at all –¬†can three people sleeping¬† in¬†one King bed¬†that have¬†been drinking¬†really sleep soundly?¬†Nope.¬†¬†After trying to sleep…let me paint the picture for you… Angie squished in the middle (she’s the stillest) and Melanie and I each taking a side..we proceeded to all toss and turn and flip and flop from about 4 until 10. One slight little movement in such close proximity..everyone’s¬†up..we finally just decided – if one of us woke up – we would all use that as an opportunity to shift position. Very funny. And don’t get me started on how hot it was. One leg out of the leg in..upper half no covers..all covered up.¬† Back and forth. So we crawled out of bed after attempting to sleep around 11am. Quick pack and shower and we were out of the Monte Carlo AKA Roger Rabbit suite. The pics say it all. Giant yellow stripes, red¬†& black curtains, blue chair-¬†you get it.

Melanie had to be at the airport by noon…so we were on a mission. One of the greatest things about the nav system in the 335diesel¬†is that it adjusts your designated route minute by minute depending on the live traffic updates it receives via satellite. I have to do nothing..the sweet little voice in my car simply says – “Your route has been updated” LOVE THIS FEATURE. So needless to say – we made it to the airport on time and did not sit in any traffic. We did however reroute through what we thought was the projects in Denver. Always nice to see all sides of a city.

As soon as we dropped Melanie off we missed her. We considered kidnapping her and forcing her to road trip back with us but we didn’t have room for her and her luggage. We just had to bring all that dang crap. Darn it. As you will notice in the photo above Angie is wearing another one of her now infamous $9.99 Target dresses. Green in honor of Denver and the Rocky Mountains that¬†we still¬†had to drive over. Back to the road. Breakfast this morning consisted of sunflower seeds – Angie hates them but has now taken up eating them daily. The road calls for extreme measures. We also each had one of Holly’s cookies. Breakfast of champions.

We had¬† a big day ahead of us. A lot of miles to cover and I was not looking forward to a single one. There are approximately 773.07¬†miles between Denver International Airport and Viva Las Vegas. Under normal circumstances I love the road trip and all the miles…however I was not feeling so well today. I really didn’t drink that much..but between the altitude, lack of sleep and lack of food the night/day before.. I was hurtin’. Angie wasn’t in much better shape. We set the nav and headed west.

Todays main objective was specifically to cover miles..but what kind of road trip would it be without a few stops? Even if we¬†do have¬†mean headaches, are¬†pressed for time and on a mission.¬†In hindsight we probably should not of planned our longest driving day the morning after ‘Party Like A Rock Star’ was on our agenda. We¬†had a room booked at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas¬†starting Thursday¬†night…so technically we had about 30 hours to get there…that does¬†¬†leave plenty of room for a few little side adventures…

First spontaneous¬†stop..¬† Indian Springs Resort.¬† As we were driving through Idaho Springs I recalled hearing that there were great Hot Springs somewhere¬†in the area. A quick stop at the nearby Starbucks…free wife, 5 minutes on the google and voila! ¬†¬†We were only about a mile away. What sounds better than soaking in all natural hot springs when hung over? Nada. Indian Springs Resort was a ‘groovy’ place. Very rustic. Very Hippy. The Geo-Thermal soaking caves were originally mines that were later converted into tubs. They had a mineral pool, private soaking indoor tubs, soaking caves and outdoor soaking jacuzzi’s..all filled with naturally hot mineral water. Angie was¬†freaked out by the caves.¬† It was dark and really hot and kind of smelly – in her defense and I¬†was way to¬†‘headachey’ to attempt to talk her into it.¬†Then we saw a snake slither by as we were touring the outdoor tubs¬†and it was over. As we stepped off the red wood deck she said to me – “Eden – stop moving. Stand still. Stay calm. Don’t freak out.¬† There’s a snake” None of those words made me calm and not want to freak out. We were heading out – off to the next option. Detoxification through sweat and soaking would have to wait.¬†

Angie saying¬†“Hell no – It’s way to hottt!”

SNAKE! I swear it looks smaller than it was.

About 2 hours further west on Interstate 70 the Yampah Vapor¬†Caves¬†were calling our names. North America’s only all natural underground hot mineral water steam baths¬† are located in the¬†little town of Glenwood Springs Colorado. Same place coincidentally we had¬†found great lodging¬†(America’s Best Value Inn Day 2¬†with the kick butt pillow top mattresses) on our way to Red Rocks.¬† Hot mineral waters flow through the cave floors at 125 degrees F. to create¬†their¬†natural geothermal steam baths… cave temperatures average 110 -112 degrees F. It is freaking hot.¬†

¬†Your only allowed to stay down in the caves for 10-12 minutes at a time. You are instantly dripping sweat…there is access to cold water through a shower and hose located within the caves.¬† Large buckets/tubs are laying around¬†that people were filling and soaking their feet in while leaning back on large marble slabs. It felt great. It was really hot. Angie started panicking as soon as we headed down the stairs into the caves. She hung out by the entrance and remarked how sweaty I was every time I came to check on her ūüôā . She agreed to come into the caves only if I would have the cold shower running for her so she could aim for it upon her venture in. She ran straight¬†for it¬†– rinsed in cold quickly and ran straight out.¬† Again-¬†It was really hot. REALLY REALLY¬†HOT. Manager was great¬† – as were the staff.¬† A+ experience.




Have we established it was hot? ūüôā After the caves most people head into the solarium to cool off and then back into the caves…not us. We had arranged for a private soak in a tub filled with – yep you guessed it – REALLY¬†HOT mineral spring water.

The private tub soak¬†would be great for a ‘romantic’ little get away if your ever in the area with your special someone.. They had candles lit, a little tray all set up with ice-cold water and wash clothes¬†soaking in ice chips. Wait. Sweating profusely isn’t so sexy. So maybe not. Cancel romantic soak and fill in with hangover recovery instead ūüôā Ha Ha. I think¬†every drop of alcohol had sweated out of me by this point. Drinking 600 glasses of ice water probably helped as well.¬† I suppose the¬†Yampah Caves and Mineral Baths are great for both…Romance and recovery.¬† Eden… Angela…Eden…Angela…- what is that¬†we hear?¬†Oh yes..the sound of the road calling our names – and food. Yes we must have food. Cookies and seeds..not so good anymore.¬†

TO BE CONTINUED… ūüôā Chomp’s Delicatessen, lightning storms (we’ve got video)¬†and the worst rain either of us have ever experienced –¬†ever ever ever. I mean it was sideways people. ¬†How is that possible?


Eden and Angela

Still Trippin’ Day 3 – Unity Tour is calling!

22 Jul

Alright. Day 3. First we must apologize for the delay. The intention is for these to be written the ‘day after’ therefore this blog should of been written the morning of Day 4..but after the late night of Day 3…all we did yesterday was attempt to recover and drive as much as possible so that we could get to Vegas and finally stop driving for a few days. Recovery attempts were futile.. even a steam in North America’s only natural vapor caves and a dip in some amazing mineral hot springs..did not help. Details of those two super cool side stops¬†will be included in Day 4’s blog.¬† Also I will attempt to keep this blog short and hindsight day 2 was so¬†long!!!

So we woke up..had breakfast in the cute little dining room off the office of America’s Best Value Inn and then headed straight for Vail. It was only a 35 minute drive from where we were so we arrived there in no time. After three times around the loopty¬†loo circle thing that takes you¬† into Vail..we just had to get a picture of the sign for you and it took 3 attempts.. ūüôā we drove into the village and found a place to park. Most of Vail -or¬†at least the heart of it and the village-¬†are pedestrian only zones. Quick walk from parking to the closest Starbucks for iced tea and wifi¬†signal. Right outside of there…in front of the little stream…that I talked about in the opening of the Day 2 post is where we blogged from. Oh and we ate some of Holly’s famous gluten free chocolate chips cookies that she made us before we left that have now become some sort of God-send on this road trip. Gluten free is not easy to come by out here in the great wide open.

Took a stroll through the village. Vail is beautiful. It reminded us both of a little ski village in Germany. People were friendly and there were lots and lots of doggies. Did  a little souvenir shopping, waded in some streams/fountains and just basically relaxed and enjoyed the beauty.




Then we got a text from Melanie saying “Where are you at? Radio station – quick Pepper interview and acoustic set and then Red Rocks..hurry up!” Oh snap dragon. We’d gotten carried up in the ‘doing nothing’ and lagged. Now we had to rush. Dang it. We headed straight for car..after a potty time to stop while driving from this point out..we were on a mission to get to the radio station STAT.

We made it. Barely.

Pepper rocked the radio station..this is normal ūüôā and then we were off to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Now I have to say..there has been a lot of build up around seeing this show at Red Rocks…everyone we talk to says it is an absolutely amazing venue. The amphitheater is built into natural red rocks, is unlike any place in the world¬†and the sound is superior. If your interested in learning more about the history….¬†. Oh I should probably mention.. besides that gluten free¬†cookie and a string cheese from the cooler..we had forgotten to eat. Not a smart choice when ‘party like a rockstar’ literally is on your agenda.

Melanie and Kaleo pre show.

Green Room

Up to the green room to wait¬†and start getting juiced up.¬†That is slang for¬†-drink¬†cocktails.¬† Another thing worth¬† mentioning… Angela and¬†I are not big drinkers. In fact were probably the cheapest dates you will find…so when you factor in that whole ‘we forgot to eat’ issue and¬†low alcohol tolerance.. you have¬†a lethal combination. LOL . Pepper got suited up – literally – in red swim trunks and zinc on their noses -this tours theme – is ‘Lifeguards’ They are saving lives every night…

Kaleo checking his ear piece.

They took the stage at 7 to a packed crowd in pouring down rain. Show was sold out and oversold i¬†think..numbers in the stands were around 10,000. That is a lot of screaming fans. People were going off. Pepper is infamous for being high energy and getting the entire crowd moving..and they did not disappoint. So proud of you boys! Oh how did I forget.. Kaleo¬†– guitar player and lead married to of our ‘global girls’ on the show. I’ve known Melanie for nearly 20 years and her and Kaleo have been married for 9 – I think? So hence the connection to Pepper for us and our backstage access to all their shows.

Offspring played second and 311 closed things out. We watched some of it from the sound booth-¬†best spot in the venue for¬†amazing sound and some of it on the side of the stage. Then the real fun began – AFTER PARTY on da’ tour bus. Now unfortunately¬†there is a strict – No Photo’s on the bus policy in constant enforcement by Pepper’s tour manager -Coach… Coach regularly¬†enjoys scolding me and ‘coaching me’ or should¬†I say – I’m almost always getting ‘coached’ by the coach. Personal note to you Coach.. I know deep down inside you are nice – I experienced you being friendly one time-¬†in Aspen – a year and¬† half ago when you were very intoxicated and one time at Melanie’s birthday party! And you always shake it when da’ bus turns into Dance Party USA.. in fact you asked for Dance Party¬†Wednesday¬†night¬†cuz you know I bring it!!! ¬†I know the whole ‘meanie’ thing is just an act. ¬†Moving on – I wonder why they have that no photo rule? HAHAHAHHA . I did make a movie of Pepper’s infamous Intern busting out the moves – super late night as we were shutting down the bus. Enjoy.

Super proud of Angie – she was nodding off and yawning by¬†10 and she stuck it out all night long. You little trooper-¬†I knew you had it in you. So when we got to the bus we were greeted by an enormous plate¬†of all organic homemade nachos – covered in giant chunks of avocado – made with love by Kaleo. They may of been¬†the best nachos ever and he must of been¬†psychic. All we talked about the entire way back to the bus was how starving we were. We engulfed the best nachos ever and spilled on my white pants doing so. Didn’t even care.¬†We had made a quick stop by catering underground at red rocks right after Pepper played… but there really wasn’t any time to eat. Angie did manage to swallow a yogurt while Kaleo¬†attempted to get me to shot-gun beers. THANK SWEET BABY JESUS I am allergic to beer (gluten). I was already quite liquored up from my one cocktail. Not kidding.

Catering – Notice red rock wall!

Alrighty..I’ve got to wrap it up..check out time was an hour and a half ago and I’m feeling like any minute now someone is going to barge down the door and kick us out.

To temporarily wrap up the tour thing.. im inserting a clip from 311’s drum solo that I shot from on stage and later I’ll come back and stick some more great pics in.

Lastly we retreated back to our Monte Carlo suite at Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver after a teary goodbye to Kaleo, Dub and Intern- AKA Monkey! Thanks for hooking us up with the suite Mr. and Mrs. Kaleo Wassman and Pepper hotel bookers! Much obliged! And BTW.. we are heading into Vegas and not sure what the wifi situation is going to be?????

Still recovering,

Eden and Angela

We’re Road Trippin’ and pretty happy about it – except for sucky breakfast … Day 2

20 Jul
First I should probably just put it out there.. I’m writing these a day late.. So it’s really day three. Angie and I are sitting in the most beautiful quaint spot in Vail Village overlooking a magical little creek listening to the sound of running water as children splash around with a little Louis Armstrong instrumental piece of music playing softly out of a hidden speaker system somewhere. Life is good. Now back to yesterday.

So that free breakfast we were all pumped up about at the Quality Inn.. it sucked. The eggs were like powdery¬†rubber. Yum. Everything else had gluten. I ate a sausage. It sucked too. We retreated back to our room, disappointed because we had set the alarm to wake us up at 8:12 am so we could get the free breakfast before it ended at 8:30. Lame-o. Not doing that again. We did however score two styrofoam bowls and two spoons for the cottage cheese and berries that were packed in our cooler. After filling our tummies we proceeded to have to re-pack all 493 things we brought and reload them into the car in 104 degree heat. Angie swears she burned her hands on the steering wheel (I asked her to move the car into the shade after it was loaded). Yes I know what you are thinking..why didn’t we move it into the shade to load it? The shade was very very¬†very very¬†far from our room and our bags are heavy. The toiletry¬†bag alone weighs like 34 pounds. Note to selves.. really try to bring less. I know I gloated in Day 1’s blog about road trips being great because you can bring everything under the kitchen sink…but someone has to lug all that stuff into our rooms and being that there are no men for us to boss around and make do it..we are screwed.¬†


And we’re off. First stop is about 30 miles from St. George…Zion National Park. I’ve wanted to go to Zion for many many¬†years and was really excited about seeing it in person. Angie too – couldn’t wait. Super excited. We pulled up to the Kolob¬†Canyon entrance (back side of Zion) and first thing we noticed was that the road into the national park was paved brick orangey red. Same color as the red rocks. Didn’t distract from the natural beauty at all. I thought was a nice little touch. After taking 23 pictures of ourselves in front of the Zion sign we headed into the visitor center assuming we had to pay an entrance fee. We were expecting like $10 dollars. Nope $25 smack-¬†a – roos. Come on..really. That’s overpriced. They do not sell a day pass..only a 7 day. The back entrance into Zion is a 6 mile round trip drive – it takes about an hour. You can’t get to the valley floor nor the main section of Zion from here – we were a little bummed about that but this is what our option was based on our route to Colorado. So back to the complaining over the $25 dollars. We sucked it up and paid…after the guy in front of us in line moaned and groaned and chose to skip it. We had a secret plan we had devised in line too. We decided Zion would be worth $25 dollars and boy we’re we right. Stunning. I can’t even begin to capture it in words so instead I’m inserting pics and when I can figure out how to a short movie we made of it. Enjoy!!¬†






Are you wondering what the plan was that our devious little minds had concocted? We were going to sell our admission receipt into the park to someone as we were leaving. Brilliant…and we were going to offer them a discount. Don’t judge us. We are on a budget…and technically we were recycling the piece of paper and doing a good deed for someone else. Really…we didn’t even need to buy it. Nobody checks…but don’t tell anyone we told you. We pulled into the little lot, whipped out some fruit and veggies and waited. (Thank you Miss Holly for lovingly washing and preparing all of our fruit and veggies for this trip) This isn’t the busiest spot – I tell yah. It only took like 5 minutes for the perfect perspective buyer to pull in. A super cute couple from Canada, in there mid 40’s, covering the US on their Harley. They were happy to save $10 – we were happy to put $15 big ones back in our wallets. We forgot to take a picture..dang.¬†
We left Zion and bunkered down for a long next leg of the drive. Our next stop was Vail Colorado. Angie was driving and we were cruising. Tunes were bumping, conversation was flowing and sunglasses were on..when all of the sudden a freak summer storm attacked us. We went from hot and sunny to lightning and pouring – I swear it was hail and our vision was completely obstructed. Angie stopped literally in the middle of the highway. She was freaking out. Being from Portland and all she is used to driving in a lot of rain..but I’m telling you – this was nuts. I was have to pull to the have to pull to the side..and she was yelling.. “I can’t see…I can’t see. I put on the hazards..I put on the hazards” Great someone would seeing¬†our flashing red lights right before the smashed into us. I rolled the windows down and told her as I did it..we have to stick our heads out of the windows!! Just then it lightened up. We pulled off the road and few miles up I took over the driving. That was enough stress for her for the day. Even though it was was really funny – afterward.¬†


Rest of the drive was pretty eventful, but absolutely beautiful. Quite a dramatic change from yesterdays scenery. We stopped at a number of designated view points. Checked out some gorgeous scenery and authentic Native American Jewelry Рhand made by the local tribes. No more rain. Thank God. 






By this time we had been driving forever. Like 7 hours of actual drive time and 9 hours in the car. This was our longest leg of the drive. We were starving. You can only eat so many organic veggies, fruit and nuts. How people live on only that stuff… I will never know. We pulled of highway 70E¬†in Grand Junction, Colorado and just starting driving down the road. The navigation system in my car is the bomb..but we had no idea where we were regardless and didn’t want to stray to far from our designated route. As we headed into Grand Junction the voice in my car told me to turn around 60 times. I think imaginary hidden nav lady was getting pissed at us. After about a mile or two I said to Angie..we have to just stop anywhere and eat…we can’t just keep driving. Our plan was to find a Chipotle..but that is like a needle in a hay stack when you are in the middle of nowhere. And then – we saw one. Right to the left of the light we were stopped at. One of only two between the Colorado border and Denver as we were later informed by Brittany – the manager who drives 25 minutes to work there everyday. SCORE…¬†We inhaled our burrito bowls and had a nice little chat with Brittany about Grand Junction. All the employees were really nice and our food was delicious!


There was a Starbucks¬†next door with free wifi¬†and filtered water for Angie’s¬†Brita. That would make for double filtered water-¬†she was happy. The very sweet girl behind the counter was named Devonna and she looked at Angie like she was a complete fruitcake when asked to fill up the Brita Water Filter.¬†¬†She did and below is a serious of phots depicting the event. Very funny.. I’m going to caption them for you.

Hi..Can you fill up my Brita?

Just put the water in here…

Huh? You want me to do what? Put water in there? (looking at Angie like you are nuts lady but with a smile)

Yay! Double filtered water for my Brita because regular water just won’t do!!


Back to the road. Vail. We were still like 160 miles out and we were a little more charged up from eating but still super tired and wanted to go to bed. Not the kind of tired that would lead to falling¬†asleep driving…but still tired. We decided to tough it out. We wanted to wake up in Vail or at least close to it so that we would not have a long of driving when we headed into Denver / Red Rocks. Angie here-¬†Eden is putting some diesel into the vehicle. She drove really fast through the super windy¬†roads (I was really scared). I’m¬†back. No I did not. Angie thinks 65 is fast…she lives in Oregon ūüôā About an hour in we started to burn out and fantasize about a super soft bed. A commodity very hard to come by we have now found in a room under $100…but we were on a mission. The 335diesel¬†nav gave us a long list of places to start calling. The conversations¬†went something like this – Umm you have any rooms for tonight? ‘ Yes we do mam.’ Are the beds soft and don’t just say they are if they aren’t..we need the truth. We’ll know whether¬†you were honest as soon as we get there and touch it – before we book the room. ‘Our beds are hard.’ Thank you very much. Damn Damn¬†Damn. Same story over and over. It was looking hopeless and we were about to settle on a Roadway Inn 35 miles outside of Vail in Glenwood. The front desk man was honest about the beds and the room was inexpensive – $62 with tax. As we were driving down the street towards it we spotted the cutest little inn..white with red trim and red doors..sparkly white lights in all the christmas tree shaped trees in front of every room. I turned to Angie and said we have to stop and at least ask about their beds..she nodded quickly – she had spotted a sign out front that said – Squeaky to hear ears. As we pulled up the owner and her mother – as we later learned -we¬†rocking out front in hand carved chairs. We rolled our window down and asked..”Are your beds soft?” She smiled hugely and said.. “Brand new Beautyrest¬†pillow tops.. Oh my god I almost burst. Literally…so much joy in that moment. God – Buddha -Jehovah – their all good.¬†


When we walked into the little office we were informed the rate was $69 for a deluxe room with 2 queen beds and we were greeted by a AAA Diamond Award Winner Plaque. The owner informed us that her particular Americas Best Value Inn had won the prestigious award for 2010 and had also be named the best inn of that caliber¬†in the United States. Oh my it just keeps getting better and better…and free breakfast…in the cutest dining room off the office and organic products in the room. This place was perfect. The inn, located specifically in Glenwood Springs and directly off highway 70, had only 24 rooms and they were nearly sold out. She gave us a room with a parking spot out front as she understood the heavy and way to much stuff in our bags dilemma. We unloaded, washed our faces and feet, I put on pajamas and Angie left on one of her favorite 100%, multi-purpose $9.99 Target dresses and we crawled into bed…she loves these dresses and has 5 of them – green, purple ,blue, black, and pink. She is not messing around. We sparred over whether to fall asleep to the tv…she’s pro and I’m anti..compromised on leaving it on til’ she was nearly passed out only after she promised to get up and turn it off. I just can’t be brainwashed by the TV while I’m sleeping – it freaks me out ūüôā Tomorrows plan is to get up – not early – if we miss breakfast we do not care – and then head into Vail and end up eventually at Red Rocks with Melanie!¬†


Just for the record..we logged 523 miles yesterday…and barely used any gas. At the end of the trip I will give you the exact mileage and money spent on gas so that you too can be encouraged to purchase a bio-diesel car, save the planet and drive across the country in it. ūüôā¬†

¬†Lots of Lovin’,

Eden and Angela

We‚Äôre road trippin‚Äô and it‚Äôs freaking hot! Day 1 in the new BMW 335 Bio-Diesel!

19 Jul

So were we trippin’ when we decided to road trip it across Nevada, Arizona, Utah and then Colorado? The pot of gold at the end of the road trip rainbow is soooo appealing though… hopping on the Unity Tour for a little taste of¬†‘Rock Star’ life¬†with Melanie, Pepper, 311 and The Offspring.. I mean everyone flies, there are so many adventure’s to be had and ¬†beautiful things to see between LA and Red Rocks… and Cracker Barrel’s to eat at!! ¬†No really.. I love Cracker Barrel. It’s the little country store and hospitable welcome and nice employees. I like it all. So when we came across¬†one located in St. George Utah – you know we stopped. ¬†If¬†¬† Angie and I¬† both hadn’t learned in the last year we were allergic to gluten.. we would of gorged ourselves on Chicken N’ Dumplins- their signature dish.. instead it was chicken smoothered in colby jack cheese with green beans, cole slaw and pintos with a side salad. We ate every bite.¬† And of course we we’re not disappointed in our fantastic service and the cuteness of the lil’ ol’ country store…we wanted to buy the quilts, the costumes, the candy and the jelly. ¬†The manager was fantastic in making sure everything was truly ‘gluten’ free and our waitress – Gabriela – a transplate from Long¬† Beach, Ca – enjoyed chatting with us about life back in California.

Ok – so let’s go back to the start of today. Intended departure time 10:00 am – actual departure time 3:00pm. What? We’re girls. We weren’t –¬†nor are in a hurry. The beauty of the road trip!!! Another huge perk¬† – no luggage restrictions. We brought everything…like 16 pairs of shoes, 12 bikinis, 27 face and hair products all in full size –¬†not¬† 4oz bottles and one Brita water filter…¬†¬†you get the picture. Yes Angie had to bring her Brita water filter. It’s wedged into the ice chest – right in between the berries and hard boiled eggs. Yes I know we are weird…but healthy snacks can be a challenge on the road. Alrighty- so we left at 3 and headed for St. George, Utah¬†– our first designated stopping point. Truthfully the drive was pretty uneventful and went by really quickly. Desert is desert and this particular leg of the drive isn’t gorgeous. There is one section as your coming into Utah where we drove through this really cool section of road that had to of literally of been blastsed ūüė¶¬†right through these amazing red rocks.. and on each side of you -right next to the road- the mountains just jot straight’s almost like the road is a river flowing through the rock. That was super cool. We attempted to take a you can see below it sucks. Couldn’t capture it.

We pulled into St. George at 8 pm. We didn’t stop at all while driving. It was somewhat of a miracle that between two girls we didn’t have at least 2 potty breaks. I know..we were so proud… and we were guzzling that water from the Brita filter I tell yah.¬† Did the whole Cracker Barrel mentioned above…found out the time was different here – one hour ahead – and then went on our search for accomodations for the night. We are wingin’ it -every night. We have no idea where we are staying or where we will end up – oooo we are so adventurous!!¬† We pulled up on the new kick butt iphone and started searching. Original plan was to find a bed ‘n’ breakfast… my sister recommended the Seven Wives Inn.. no pun intended in that name..we are in Utah ūüôā but it was late so we decided to forgo that idea and just book a room near the freeway. I’ve always wondered what the motels/hotels right off the freeway are like –¬† you know the ones you ¬†always see while on a road trip¬† but never stop at . In all the traveling the two of us have done- we’d never stayed in one…let the good times roll. So we began hunting. I pulled up like 50 choices. How the heck are there 50 choices in this little tiny town? So our number one requirment –¬†it had to be clean and number two – the bed had to¬† be soft.¬† Yep.. we are soft bed lovers and must have one and lastly – it had to be cheap! So flash forward 7 motels later.. the rates we’re all comprable…around $60 a night and most of them came with free hot breakfast – a pretty good deal … with the exception of the Claridge Inn.. it was only $45… clean, no breakfast and the bed felt like a slab of concrete. However desk guy was really cute and friendly- should of taken a photo. We had to pass on that one. I did however take the time to inform him about how the ‘a hard bed is better for your back theory/myth’ is a big fat lie. Angie laughed the whole time. And I should probably mention that at each of these establishments we went into the rooms and sat on the beds.¬† We are so high need. We ended up choosing the Quality Inn. Bed was soft, room was super clean, and it was $64.19 with tax and hot breakfast. By 4 am..the bed wasn’t feeling as soft and we probably should not of left the air conditioner on extra high. It was below zero in our room – I think this made the mattress harden. We did however manage to catch the newest episode of True Blood running late night on HBO. Very happy about that. it’s time for bed. Tomorrow – we wake up, eat hot free breakfast and head to Zion. We’re gonna play Bob Marley as we pull on…we’re gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion.

On a side note and worth a mention: When we arrived it was 106 degrees outside – 11 pm and we had¬† covered 391 miles in 5 hours and 11 minutes¬†of driving¬†-but here comes the best part…wait for it…wait for it…here it comes.. we¬† still had¬†167 miles worth of gas¬† in the tank (from our first fill up¬† at home ) of the new BMW 335 Bio-Diesel! That would be 558 miles on one tank of gas! Can you say HOLLLLLAHHH?? So the dealer wasn’t lying when he said I may be able to actually get 600 miles on a tank of gas!! This is very exciting. Those of you who know me personally – know – at the risk of sounding incredibly pretentious and being ok with it – that for nearly the last 3 years I have driven a gigantic – gas guzzling – emissions emitting 750Li BMW. I know- it was¬†horrible for the environment. So it is a big deal to me that I got that great mileage and emitted the lowest emisions ever. I have redemmed myself.

xo The Road Calls! ūüôā

Eden and Angela

Miami! First time!

16 Jul

I’ve traveled to every city in Florida and finally made it to the infamous South Beach…what a trip, in every sense of the word.

I arrived on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and from what I learned, this is the beginning of tourist season.  The weather was perfect since it’s probably the warmest place in the U.S. at that time, a nice 76 degrees.  Checked into the Kent hotel, one of the art-deco boutique spots off of Collins Street.  Not the fanciest place in South Beach, but was great for my budget and centrally located. 

                     Kent Hotel

My hotel was located behind Versace’s house, so first stop was to see the spot where he was murdered on the front stoop of his home in 1997‚Ķkinda creepy and cool at the same time.¬† As I walked down Ocean Drive I noticed the diversity of people in South Beach and I liked it.¬† Cuban, European, and some good-old Americans, like myself.¬† There is non-stop action here and lots of restaurants with loud electronic music blaring into the street, clubs, vendors, etc.¬† My girlfriend and I were constantly stalked by promoters and invited to all of the clubs, vip passes.¬† I must have had at least 15 of them by the end of the first night.¬† One guy offered to buy us dinner if we came to the club, this means either we are totally hot or they were trying to fill the clubs with decorative women.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Versace’s House

I dedicated one entire day to shopping, this included Collins Street and Lincoln Road.  There is a lot of great shopping in South Beach, from designer to deals.  You pretty much want to wait until you get to there to buy a new Brazilian bikini.  

South Beach bathing beauties wearing Brazilian bikinis..

So, South Beach is known for its attractive people, I would have to say it‚Äôs pretty accurate.¬† Living in Los Angeles I see attractive people a lot, but Miami has a different kind of beauty, it’s a more¬†¬†exotic beauty.¬† Beautiful tanned skin women, strong and sexy muscular men, even the mannequins in the store fronts have it going on‚Ķtriple D style!¬†¬†

Some of my favorite hotels to stop for a beverage include:  Fontainebleau, The Tides, Gansevoort, and the classic Delano.  South Beach is an architectures playground, I love, love, love the design and history.   

They say ‚Äúpastel days and neon nights‚ÄĚ, that pretty much sums it up.


Victoria ‚ÄstThe¬†Blue¬†Bonnet

9 Jul

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting¬†Victoria yet or who have not heard of it – Victoria ¬†is located on¬†the southern tip of Vancouver Island and is¬†the capital¬† of British Columbia, Canada. The island is about¬†60 miles¬†from BC’s largest city¬†Vancouver which is located on the mainland. Victoria is close to the US,¬†62 miles¬†from Seattle by airplane or ferry and 25 miles from Port Angeles, Washington by ferry. Port Angeles has gained quite a bit of notoriety since being featured in the Twilight Series of films and I assure you –¬†¬†it’s just as quaint,¬†picturesque and damp in real life as¬†is portrayed in the films.¬† But wait..that’s another blog in itself – this one is¬†focused on Victoria. So with that in mind..



                         The Coho          

We began our journey from Port Angeles, Washington, on the Coho. We took the Coho, a larger but slower ferry, because it was the only ship running in the evening.  Generally, we would have taken the Victoria Express because it is only 60 min. to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca rather than the 90 minutes it was going to take us on the Coho. The water was vicious, and the boat was rocked in the thrashing waters. Back and forth and back and forth. I immediately felt dizzy and nauseous and had to lie down to keep from getting sick.  Note to self and to all you readers Рtake Dramamine or at least bring a couple of chewables along for the ride. For the next 90 minutes  I had to talk myself out of vomiting. I’m still not sure how I did it. Perhaps it was all the internal chatter I had going on about why the heck we had bought our return ticket back to Port  Angeles on the Coho as well..  Next time I go to Victoria I will be sure to take the Victoria Express. 


    This is where I laid while trying to not vomit.                       


  Sunset was gorgeous even though I was nauseous.

When we reached land (thank God) our beautiful dog friendly hotel was waiting. The Fairmont Empress Hotel looks strikingly similar to a castle when lit up at night. When we checked in the concierge was kind enough to walk us to our room, which happened to be a smoking room. Yuck. We are not smokers and did not reserve a smoking room, but unfortunately they had many guests staying that same weekend. They told us they would try and see what they could do about finding us another room to stay in. It turned out that they were all out of the rooms that we had booked, but were kind enough to offer a complimentary upgrade suite. When we were brought to the Bob Hope Suite, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the lavish décor. The marble in the bathroom, the walk in closet, and the gold trim made the place feel fit for a king.


            The Fairmont Empress lit up at night              


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†and au natural by day…


              Toby and I on our way to our suite.        


                Our absolutely decadent bathroom.

We started our first morning off with a royal breakfast that consisted of yogurt and fresh fruit served in goblets and then we were off to the Butchart Gardens. There we found acres upon acres of greenery and flowers in colors I’d never thought possible. You could spend hours there simply lost in the extravagant natural beauty.  My favorite section was the Japanese Garden because of the immense detail found in the stonework and floral arrangements. There were convenient benches throughout every part of the garden (like the one pictured below) where I just sat and ravished the beauty.




After spending the day in the garden we enjoyed dinner at Pagliacci‚Äôs, an Italian restaurant recommended to us by several locals. After waiting in a 30-minute line that stretched out the door and down the block, we were seated and served by a gorgeous woman with deep olive skin and curly dark locks. The food as well as the service was so superb, it was undeniably worth the wait. With our tummies full and a feeling of complete satisfaction we headed back to the Empress excited to spend the night in our ‘royal’ suite.


I awoke after a fantastic¬†nights rest in¬†my sumptuous bed rested and hungry.¬†I was greeted again with¬†another stately breakfast and was¬†looking forward to a visit to the Royal British Columbia Museum that I had planned for us. The museum was within¬†walking distance from the hotel, so we were able to stretch our legs and enjoy the beautiful day on the way there. At the time we visited the museum, The Titanic Exhibit was on display.¬† As we walked into the exhibit we were handed a card¬† with the name of an original Titanic ¬†passenger printed on it and told¬†which class we belonged to.¬†¬†While¬†venturing through the remake of the notorious ship I was taken by the splendor and beauty of everything that¬†I saw. There were over 400 artifacts and each one had an individual story associated with it. ¬†At the end we were told whether our person survived the accident or whether they had died.¬† Yes… sadly we had all been cast into the shivering¬†cold 28 degree¬†water and drowned.

After our adventure on the Titanic we headed back to the Empress Hotel for an indulgent high tea. The hostess informed us that the Empress has honored the beloved British ritual since 1908 as she was escorting us to our formally set table topped with Royal Doulton china and polished silver.  Talk about being treated like royalty! At the very top of the hotel there were parties of people dressed in their best clothes sitting around tables draped with the finest white linen. All of the pastries and finger foods were perfect in shape, each a work of art, and the tea was marvelous. Although, I believe the best part was getting dressed up and being treated like a queen.

Our last night in Victoria was spent on an evening stroll through the Wharf, where vendors were selling their unique souvenirs. There were people of every kind using spray paint and making beautiful turquoise jewelry. Everyone gathered together to share native culture through crafts and designs made by human hands; I will never forget the collaboration of people I witnessed that night.


                       Shopping at the Wharf.                       

               The sunset from our royal suite.                   

The next morning was a distressing one. Besides the fact that we had to leave beautiful Victoria I still had the nauseating ferry ride to deal with. We enjoyed our last royal breakfast served on gold trimmed plates before making our way back to the Coho. Knowing all along that in 90 minutes we would be in America again and no longer considered royalty. I sure miss Victoria!


      Toby and me heading home on the Coho.