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It’s Summer Somewhere…and we’re off to find it!

15 Sep

Is Summer really over? I refuse to belive it. It’s summer somewhere and we are off to find it. I’m thinking we may strike gold in Kauai tomorrow?? 🙂

San Clemente Sunset – Melanies brothers house!

So August was just nuts. We ended July in Las Vegas – came home for a few days and then hit the road again. Weed (this is a real place), Shasta, Malin, and Sacramento were on the next itinerary and then a quick stop back in LA for Hugh Hefner’s Midsummer Nights Dream Party. Next stops were  Seattle and  Toronto -yes on opposite sides of the country and now we are headed to KAUAI!! Wait I forgot there was another trip back to Vegas from August 28th- Sept.1 too! So we ended July and August both in Viva Las Vegas. I think we like it there. It’s the sun and the pools I swear. Holy cow. I just got tired typing all of that. Rest assured R&R – that is what is in our near future!


Living Memorial Sculpture Garden Shasta

Angie’s Mom’s Cow

View from Angie’s Mom’s farm

Midsummer Nights – Me and Chuey

 I’ve got the girls working on some individual trip blogs and reviews for you all that I will be posting over the next two weeks. I know that I still owe everyone the details of the Vegas undercover 3am sting operation to recover my brand new Iphone that a convict stole from in front of the Hard Rock and I swear as soon as I have some time to sit down and decompress I’ll knock out the story.

Meanwhile thanks so much for all your support, emails and comments. It means a lot to receive messages saying how people are enjoying the blog and asking what happens next! It’s a blessing for all of us to be able to do what we love – travel with each other!!  In a perfect world we would blog every week but it’s just not realistic with our travel schedules. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to release the details of when and where Girls Gone Global will be airing and that additional outlet with help fill the “lack of time to blog” void!!

Pepper Sound Check @ The Grove

For now I’m headed out to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Wassman AKA  Melanie and Kaleo. Tonight is  Peppers’ kick off show/party at the Grove in Anaheim for their latest tour “Like A Surgeon” and they are filming a new music video in 3-D!!!  They are looking for naughty nurses – so if you fit that description come in your best attire and meet us there! 🙂 No- Melanie and I are not dressing up…however we will be taking photos!! After that it’s off to LAX and the land of palm trees, coconuts and mai-tais…I swear I can already hear a ukulele- life is good today!

Much Love and Aloha,