Traveling is like meditation – an escape from everyday life.

25 Mar

An escape from your everyday life creates space for adventure; meeting new people, trying new things, taking risks, bonding with your travel  partners and overall broadening your perspective.

Planning the trip alone is obviously one of the most significant parts of travel.  Everything from booking the dates, packing your favorite lip-gloss and bronzer, getting to the airport, parking, entertainment for the flight, what to wear on the flight, accommodations, supplies and MOST important…who you are with!

The actual travel time is a very important element of travel and it’s all about the food.  Where will I find organic eggs, kale and other super foods on the go?  Since my diet mostly consists of whole foods, traveling and eating healthy is challenging!  And eating right on the flight can make your traveling time so much more enjoyable.  Who wants a big greasy meal in their belly while you are in a bubble 35,000 feet in the air?  Trust me, you’ll feel better when you arrive at your destination with good stuff in your tummy and more energy.

I’ve compiled a few of my best “eating right on the road” tips including foods that travel well.

1.    Dark chocolate…a must!
2.    Small organic apples, high fiber and sweet.
3.    Nuts of any kind, great protein and filling.
4.    EmergenC or Airborne packets, keeps the immune system strong.
5.    Most delis have hard-boiled eggs these days, but in a jam I will order a side of scrambled from Mickey D’s.
6.    Tea bags for the flight, ginger is my fave…good for digestion.
7.    Sides of steamed veggies at fast food ethnic restaurants at airports.
8.    Make a salad at home for the flight.  A salad at Starbucks is nearly ten dollars!
9.    Avoid tempting soda beverages…ask for sparkling water mixed with cranberry juice and fresh lime.  The flight attendant will definitely think you are high maintenance, or a celebrity.
10.  Yogurt cups with fruit on the bottom…skip the sugar and don’t mix it!


Most airports today feature health-oriented options; however planning ahead will always make your trip more enjoyable.  One of my favorite sayings “you are what you eat.”  Mind, Body & Spirit…always.  Whether I’m home or on the road, nurturing my body with healthy food is essential to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

With all of this said, traveling is important for me in order to feel balance in my life.  To get out of my daily element and surround myself with newness; from the time I walk out my door, to the moment I return, I don’t have to sacrifice my lifestyle…it just goes with me.

Happy healthy travels!

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