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“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” ~Cree Indian Proverb

22 Apr

Melanie wrote this beautiful post for her personal blog in honor of Earth Day today and I was so touched and inspired by it I asked her if I could re-post it here. Being the wonderful, loving, giving, kind spirit that she is – Melanie quickly replied “yes of course!” So enjoy, feel free to share it yourselves and spread the Earth Day  LOVE!  

{ Happy Earth Day! }

Greeting Earthlings! I hope you are all out achieving acts of kindness towards Mother Earth or at least hugging a tree. I am not kidding one bit. I know it’s a silly name for hippies, but  HAVE you ever really hugged a tree?!? It’s amazeballs, as Perez would say. I recommend each and every one of you find a tree, wrap your arms around it and come back and just try to tell me that you felt nothing. Side effect are sure to include, but are not limited to, the following: Incredible ancient energy, negative ions, love for nature, a peaceful feeling… Guaranteed you and your new friend will have had a moment.

{Try it, it’s fun!}

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is  A Billion Acts of Green. Click on the photo below to check out their website and  get some ideas on how to be of service (Seva). Of course, I believe that EVERY day is Earth Day, but if it takes setting aside one day a year for people to pay attention, get excited, and educate themselves on how they can make lifestyle changes and intelligent choices that will reduce the harm that we inflict daily to the Earth…? Then sign me up, I’m all for it.

In honor of today, I put together a few ideas on how we all can make simple, yet effective choices to do our part:

  • Stop using harmful and extremely toxic chemicals, in your daily life. This includes bath and body products, home cleaning products, air fresheners, etc. There is a natural choice for everything you use, and these days they are really good! We are all so used to using the name brands we see on TV, but they are poisoning our environment and ourselves. Your liver works hard not only to filter out toxins that you ingest with food and drink, but also has to work even harder to filter toxins ingested through your skin. And yes, that includes air-fresheners, cleaning products, pesticides from non-organic foods, etc. Give your liver a well-deserved break.
    { A great natural company }
  • Change all your lightbulbs to eco-friendly CFL’s or LED’s. Not only are they energy-saving, but they will save you money in the long-term.
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth, washing dishes, anytime when you do not actively need the water on.
  • Grow your own food, or shop farmer’s markets to buy fresh, organic, local fruits, veggies, even eggs from happy chickens. If there isn’t a farmer’s market near you, then try as much as possible to buy from local, sustainable, and organic farmers. All it takes is a little research. Keep the local little guys in business! If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to ask me. I’d love to help. Not only is it green, but you are supporting your town by buying locally, and by going organic? You are supporting your own health and longevity. Kaleo and I are unwavering on this topic. We buy ONLY organic, as local as possible. And I mean everything, even down to the peppercorns in our pepper grinder.
  • Contact your local City offices and see if there are any events that you can volunteer for, such as tree planting and beach clean up. Better yet, organize your own! If you live in a city or in the mountains, you can still host a trash clean up day. Local businesses will want to get involved and provide refreshments or supplies, and the media would love to report about good things happening right under their noses.
  • Check out a movement by a dear friend of ours: FIRN (Fight Ignorance Represent Nature) is a lifestyle collective dedicated to promoting awareness and taking action. They are on the verge of a huge evolution of inspiration and change, so get acquainted and intimate with Firn now, so you too can be a part of the movement! Click the logo below to learn more…
    {Click Me!}
  • Eliminate the use of plastics! We don’t even buy ziplock bags. If we come across one somehow, we will use and re-use it as long as possible. We only buy glass mason jars and glass containers for our food, juice, etc. We both use a great water bottle by Klean Kanteen, that goes everywhere with us. Once you get used to using your bottle you will never want to be without it. Drinking water from a plastic bottle will feel so weird, trust me. By eliminating plastics, you will do your part to slow the contribution of plastic to the disgusting Pacific Gyre. You will also reduce the amount of BPE’s that you ingest by eating or drinking out of plastic containers.
{ The bottle that we never leave home without }

There are so many ways that you can help not only yourself, but your community, and our Mother Earth as well. What are some ways that you are committing to today to do your part? I would love for everyone to share their ideas! Have a beautiful day, and send some love to your Mother.



“Take the First Step in Faith”

1 Apr

There is a saying by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”. This sums up my entire travel philosophy. Some people are planners, down to each and every detail. This does have a certain value. However, to me, the excitement in travel is the unknown, and the freedom to change plans on a whim.

My very first trip to Europe alone was planned this way:                                                                                                                                                          1. Purchase roundtrip open-ended ticket to Paris and Euro Rail pass
2. Buy a map of Europe and keep in mind some countries/towns/landmarks I want to visit
3. Go! And figure it out along the way…

And while life has brought me to the place where I no longer have to stay in hostels and fit my worldly belongings into a backpack for three months, I still enjoy the nomadic freedom of travel in much the same way as I did in my early 20’s. Only in nicer hotels. And with more luggage. And shoes. 🙂

If taking a vacation or even a quick getaway seems like a huge deal, there’s so much to plan, it has to be perfect, and so on… Let those feelings go. Planning a trip can be as simple as:                                                                                                                                                                  1. Decide on a destination and buy ticket.
2. Make a reservation at a hotel for one night with the option of extending. This way you have a place to check into and get some rest. If you love it, stay. Or, check out the other options and decide from there.
3. Get out and explore! Meet some locals and ask questions. Where do they like to eat? Are there farmer’s markets? What is the location known for?

Have fun with it and don’t feel like you have to do what everybody else does. In Florence Italy and don’t care to see the David? Don’t! (Although it is beautiful…) Customize your trip so that you enjoy it to the fullest, not like it was planned out by a tourism agency. The best times for me, are the ones that are spontaneous and exciting. Even though I buy a travel book for each place I go to, it’s mostly so I will have something to read on the plane and to put on my bookshelf as a nice memory when I get home. Once I am at my destination, it’s time to immerse myself into the culture and create my own adventure.

Another way to make planning a trip easier is to ignore the idea that a trip isn’t worth it if it’s shorter than a week, or two weeks. Who made up that rule anyway?? I once flew to Stockholm for the weekend. No rules, no pressure, not even time to get jet-lagged! I just found a really cheap ticket (it was Sweden in November) and decided to check it out.

As your trip is coming to an end and you are getting ready to head home, wouldn’t it be more fun to look back on all the amazing experiences you had instead of feeling regret that you only checked off certain things that were on your ‘list’, or wishing you had more free time?

Once you let go of the pressure of having everything planned out, and making sure you stick to that perfect plan, you will be able to enjoy a sense of freedom… Just take that first step.



“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

8 Dec

Good morning friends! Today is such a beautiful day, it’s crazy! The sky is so blue, like the color of the Argentina flag, my favorite color. The air is crisp without being chilly. Just the right temperature to be able to wear a light sweater wrap over my yoga clothes and mayyyyybe some cozy boots. From my bedroom window I hear waves, so there might be a small swell. I’m thinking about taking a walk down to the beach to get my fill of negative ions before I get on a plane tomorrow morning.

I really need to pack. I always, always wait until the last-minute to pack before a trip. Doesn’t matter if my trip is an overnighter with Kaleo (my hubby) in LA for an event, or a few weeks in Europe with multiple climates to pack for. I wait. Why? Hmmph, don’t ask me. If I had to answer, I’d say it’s because I like to pack in the moment. If I pack too soon, I don’t have the butterflies and excitement of the trip to guide me. I might pack something that sounds good at that time, but a week later when I leave for the adventure, my choices don’t make sense. Anyone else feel that way? Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

Well, regardless, I have some work to do. Laundry, decide what to wear, pack said decided upon clothes, realize that it all doesn’t fit in my regulation-overhead compartment-sized-carry-on, and begin process all over again minus the laundry.  I love dressing for Winter, it’s so fun! My skin, on the other hand doesn’t agree. Being born and raised in Hawaii, my skin loves the humidity and warmth. South American climates are also great for me, the warm dewiness and sexy heat. Where you are just hot enough to slightly perspire, but not uncomfortably overheated and gross. The weather makes you feel like you just stepped into a Shakira video, I love it. But the cooler weather makes my face feel dry and vulnerable. I get blushed from the cold air and my lips get kind of dry. Regardless, I have a different kind of love affair with the cold. The crisp air feels exciting like anything could happen next, like right out of a movie. I think it’s because it’s so foreign from where I grew up. I love the fashion that goes along with the more temperate climates; the knee high boots, micro-ribbed sweater tights with a short dress and of course a soft, luxurious scarf with great sunglasses. When it gets even cooler, like in Stockholm, the fashion is even more fun and beautiful. The great part about places like Sweden is that when it does start to warm up, everyone who has been covering up for so long gets to slowly shed layers of clothing and eventually begin to wear lighter fabrics, and even show a little skin week by week until Summer when the weather is beautiful. It’s like a very slow burlesque show.

As you can tell, I love to travel. I love everything about it. I am not one to pine for the destination alone, I absolutely love the journey. I like to observe the other travelers, noticing the ones who look excited like it’s their first trip to Europe, or maybe they are going off to college and leaving their family and hometown for the first time. Or flying to meet a long-distance lover they haven’t seen in a long time. And then there are the ones who are not having a good time. The ones who hate the journey for whatever reason and just want to make-it-the-hell-there, dammit. Perhaps they are traveling for business and just want to get it over with. Ooh and the ones who are going on a family vacation with their 2.5 kids and a whole lot of stuff: car seat, maximum amount of allowed carry-ons, kids, with the kids own maximum amount of allowed carry-ons, and that desperate  Oh please dear GOD let us get there in one piece with no tantrums, few poopy diapers, no fights with my wife, and check in to our hotel in Maui so that I can gulp a mai tai or five while the kids play in the pool. Or maybe they are on their way from visiting their loved one and heading back home. I know that feeling.

Whatever the situation is, I find the people watching a great way to pass time while traveling. When I get to a destination, even more excitement ensues. This trip, I will be flying in to the Honolulu International Airport with Kaleo by my side. Squished into a ten-day trip we have 5 concerts, 4 islands to visit, 4 Christmas’s to have with family and friends and 2 travel days. As I typed that I heard the melody of The Twelve Days of Christmas gently playing in my mind…5 concerts playing, 4 islands visits, 2 travel days…and a partridge in a pear tree.   It’s going to be a fantastic trip. It always is when Kaleo and I get to travel together and what better destination than home sweet~ Big Island~ home?  I’m so happy. And I feel so blessed. Wow, I’m still tripping out on how beautiful this day is turning out to be… I think I should go out and enjoy the sunshine for a bit. Oh snap, I have to pack.

Hmm, I can always do it later. My plane doesn’t leave until 7AM anyway…

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Peace and Love and Christmas Blessings~


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Melanie’s at “OM” in Oceanside…

5 Nov

Being from Hawaii, if I could choose a bumper sticker that summed up life there, it would be “Live Aloha”. Now that I live in Oceanside, the bumper sticker that comes to mind is “COEXIST”.  Before I moved here, I had heard about the beach culture and the military influence from Camp Pendleton just North, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered so much more. Oceanside has the diversity of a big city with the proud community and charm of a small town. On any given day you will see a soccer mom in her X5, a tattooed guy walking his pit bull, a gorgeous pro snowboarder girl at the local health food store, and a local band posting gig flyers. Pair that with the Marines who serve our country and the organic, eco-conscious movement and you have a beautiful little town called Oceanside. I think what I love most about living here is how this community thrives on its differences and finds respect for one another. Oh… and then there’s the promiscuous eating that I have become accustomed to this past year. Being a foodie, let me tell you: it. is. delicious.

Let’s start with my fave, Hill Street Cafe. This charming little yellow Victorian house was built in 1888 and is a California historical structure. The menu is huuuge and a bit overwhelming, but let me tell you, it’s ALL good. It has a delicious coffee bar, daily happy hour specials (with organic wine and honey mead!), and is certified as a green, organic restaurant. In fact the owner, Dan, brings in much of the produce from his own farm. If the vast menu wasn’t enough, you can also order from the hip sushi bar next door, The Fish Joint. Arguably the best fish in town, featuring local artists on the walls, and a soundtrack of anything from the Clash to Bob Marley. Did I mention the two restaurants share a beautiful courtyard with an art studio, koi pond, and a Thursday night open-mike?? Even if I didn’t live literally one block away, I would still be here everyday. Om-nom-nom…

  Hill Street Cafe and another gorgeous Oceanside  sunset…

Next stop is a charming little health food store called Cream of the Crop. For over 20 years this family owned store has been taking care of the Oside community with a deli, juice and smoothie bar, and the best organic produce department in the North County. When my husband and I are home, we frequent the Crop for their banana-date smoothie with the monster addition ( bee pollen, vita-boost and other powdered yum-yums). The locals love this place and it is totally the norm to run into the likes of pro surfers, snowboarders, rock stars, and actresses. Wild.

Cream of the Crop

Thursday mornings brings us to the local farmer’s market where you can find vendors selling homemade essential oils, beautiful fresh flowers, and delicious locally grown organic fruits and veggies. Occasionally there is a Dutch woman selling freshly baked bread and even a little old bee-keeper! His honey is to die for, and the flavors range from Hawaiian Christmas Berry infused honey to my new favorite, Grapefruit Honey. Another highlight is the man with the happy chickens. He sells a dozen eggs for $3.00, re-uses your egg cartons, and tells stories about how happy his chickens are. They all have cute names,  are free range, and oh so loved by this charming man and his wife. And if, like me, a once a week trip to the farmer’s market isn’t enough, Carlsbad has one on Saturday and Wednesday afternoons just a couple of miles down the road. With markets like these and the Cream of the Crop, it’s so easy and fun to eat local and organic while staying on a budget.

Farmers Market Goodies!!!

If you’re looking for a sunset dinner with a gorgeous view of the harbor and the ocean, our next stop is the Lighthouse Oyster Bar. Located right at the Oceanside Harbor, this cute little rooftop restaurant has one of the best views in town. Their extensive wine list has a favorite of my husband and mine, the Vinho Verde from Portugal. It’s light and refreshing with a low alcohol content, perfect to pair with the fresh fish tacos (only $2 during happy hour!), steamed clams, and locally grown organic mixed salad. The menu is so reasonably priced and delicious that we have spent many sunsets working our way through each and every appetizer offered. This too, is a family owned establishment, with the owner making his rounds greeting the guests, and his talented father as the head chef.

Kaleo, his afro and I  (gotta love the Hipstamatic!)

Lighthouse Oyster Bar Sunset…

After eating so much delicious food, my guess is that you want to get some exercise, right? Well, one of our favorite things to do is walk the beautiful beaches. It literally goes on for miles! Since we live 4 blocks from the train station, it’s fun to hop the Coaster down to Carlsbad (about 4 minutes by train, and $5 fare), grab a light lunch and maybe catch a Euro league soccer match on tv, then walk the beach back to our house. The walk is about 5 miles and it is lovely. Of course if you’re looking for yoga I know the best little yoga studio in town. Ok, I’m biased because I own it, but it really is special. Yoga Oceanside is open 7 days a week with daily classes and monthly special events like workshops, concerts, Internationally recognized speakers, and a Yoga Teacher Training school. Our teachers are talented, welcoming, beautiful yogis who teach from their own practice. Try all of the classes and teachers with the new student special of 2 weeks unlimited yoga for $25.

Waiting for the train…

Kaleo taking a leisurely beach stroll…

Oceanside has gone through many phases and reputations over the years, but is now growing into her own little identity. One that is an eclectic mix of beach culture, a fun local music scene, health conscious yogis and world-class athletes, bohemian vintage clothing and antique stores, military families, and seasonal residents from all over the world. When I am not traveling, I really enjoy exploring Oceanside and discovering all she has to offer. See you on the beach!



Waterfall showers, sexy face and Melanie sandwiched in between New Yorks finest!

11 Oct

DO YOU WANT TO SEE ONE OF YOUR OWN STORIES POSTED HERE ON THE GIRLS GONE GLOBAL BLOG?? We want to read em’ and post em’! Scroll down for details on what we are looking for!

The Girls Gone Global Blog has so many good things coming your way this month.  We are so excited to share! Awesome Autumn is upon us – did that sound really cheesy? Fabulous Fall – is that better? Oh whatever!! You all know I am a little cheesy and I am A – OK with it… and I am in one of those moods.. be prepared for more cheesy-ness below. Consider that your warning. 🙂  Call it what you will- Summer is over. 😦  But have no fear – the good times will still roll over here! Starting this week- every Friday I am posting a new blog from each one of the girls and in addition I’ll pop in from time to time with little updates, stories and photos. The girls are each writing about what life is like in the city they live in.  Angela is sharing a picture perfect Portland day and Melanie is bringing up the rear with sunny San Diego. So stop by the blog often and take a look at all the new content coming your way! Also we are going to post a sneak peak of the show soon and you will only find it here!

If you live somewhere fantastic and you want to share a great afternoon, day or week in your home town – write about it, attach pics and send an email to  We will be in touch and then…WE WILL POST IT HERE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!  We love our readers and know that you too have great stories, pics and recommendations to share.

Alrighty then- So we are all home and settled after our last big summer hoorah. No wait that’s a lie. I’m not settled and I hate that summer is over. I think I have a serious case of  ‘home from vacation depression” and my body is also  experiencing weather shock. A hot and sunny 85′ in Kauai, then 114′ heat wave in LA and then freezing cold and rainy in Seattle and then rainy again in LA. All within a week.  And today it’s 80’ again. What is going on with the weather?


Pure gorgeous Kauai!         Waterfall showers at Secrets!


Hanalei Sunset                   Kauai Lovebirds!            Hideaways – Princeville


Look at those giant waves and that  girl sitting on the grass! LOL

We got home from Kauai on Tuesday and then headed to Seattle on Friday – flew back to LA the following Tuesday and then Melanie headed to NYC  to visit  Kaleo on tour.  I wanted to go sort of – I also wanted to sleep in my own bed for more than 3 nights. We have all been traveling basically non-stop since July.. so a little break was in order- little did I know the home from vacation depression was coming…and Melanie keeps texting me pictures from all my favorite places in NYC – you little brat you!  🙂


Sexy face lady and me at our favorite speakeasy in Seattle: Bathtub Gin & Co.


Mel with the NYC Police Band, in Times Square & then at Kashkaval with Remy(her brother), his love Whitney & Mr. Kaleo Wassman below!

So needless to say – we have been and still are busy little bees. The travel calendar is starting to fill up for the next few months as well. In closing….don’t think I forgot about posting The 3am Undercover Sting Operation. FINALLY!!! It has been written and is finished!! I had originally included it at the end of this blog but it was way way way to long. So I am going to post it Tuesday Oct. 12…well technically it will be Wednesday Oct. 13th (my lucky number y’all) at 12:00 amPST -midnight!!! So come on back now ya’ hear!! I think you’re gonna like it!! Shooooot – I know your going to like it – It’s a very good story.. 🙂



It’s Summer Somewhere…and we’re off to find it!

15 Sep

Is Summer really over? I refuse to belive it. It’s summer somewhere and we are off to find it. I’m thinking we may strike gold in Kauai tomorrow?? 🙂

San Clemente Sunset – Melanies brothers house!

So August was just nuts. We ended July in Las Vegas – came home for a few days and then hit the road again. Weed (this is a real place), Shasta, Malin, and Sacramento were on the next itinerary and then a quick stop back in LA for Hugh Hefner’s Midsummer Nights Dream Party. Next stops were  Seattle and  Toronto -yes on opposite sides of the country and now we are headed to KAUAI!! Wait I forgot there was another trip back to Vegas from August 28th- Sept.1 too! So we ended July and August both in Viva Las Vegas. I think we like it there. It’s the sun and the pools I swear. Holy cow. I just got tired typing all of that. Rest assured R&R – that is what is in our near future!


Living Memorial Sculpture Garden Shasta

Angie’s Mom’s Cow

View from Angie’s Mom’s farm

Midsummer Nights – Me and Chuey

 I’ve got the girls working on some individual trip blogs and reviews for you all that I will be posting over the next two weeks. I know that I still owe everyone the details of the Vegas undercover 3am sting operation to recover my brand new Iphone that a convict stole from in front of the Hard Rock and I swear as soon as I have some time to sit down and decompress I’ll knock out the story.

Meanwhile thanks so much for all your support, emails and comments. It means a lot to receive messages saying how people are enjoying the blog and asking what happens next! It’s a blessing for all of us to be able to do what we love – travel with each other!!  In a perfect world we would blog every week but it’s just not realistic with our travel schedules. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to release the details of when and where Girls Gone Global will be airing and that additional outlet with help fill the “lack of time to blog” void!!

Pepper Sound Check @ The Grove

For now I’m headed out to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Wassman AKA  Melanie and Kaleo. Tonight is  Peppers’ kick off show/party at the Grove in Anaheim for their latest tour “Like A Surgeon” and they are filming a new music video in 3-D!!!  They are looking for naughty nurses – so if you fit that description come in your best attire and meet us there! 🙂 No- Melanie and I are not dressing up…however we will be taking photos!! After that it’s off to LAX and the land of palm trees, coconuts and mai-tais…I swear I can already hear a ukulele- life is good today!

Much Love and Aloha,


Still Trippin’ Day 3 – Unity Tour is calling!

22 Jul

Alright. Day 3. First we must apologize for the delay. The intention is for these to be written the ‘day after’ therefore this blog should of been written the morning of Day 4..but after the late night of Day 3…all we did yesterday was attempt to recover and drive as much as possible so that we could get to Vegas and finally stop driving for a few days. Recovery attempts were futile.. even a steam in North America’s only natural vapor caves and a dip in some amazing mineral hot springs..did not help. Details of those two super cool side stops will be included in Day 4’s blog.  Also I will attempt to keep this blog short and hindsight day 2 was so long!!!

So we woke up..had breakfast in the cute little dining room off the office of America’s Best Value Inn and then headed straight for Vail. It was only a 35 minute drive from where we were so we arrived there in no time. After three times around the loopty loo circle thing that takes you  into Vail..we just had to get a picture of the sign for you and it took 3 attempts.. 🙂 we drove into the village and found a place to park. Most of Vail -or at least the heart of it and the village- are pedestrian only zones. Quick walk from parking to the closest Starbucks for iced tea and wifi signal. Right outside of there…in front of the little stream…that I talked about in the opening of the Day 2 post is where we blogged from. Oh and we ate some of Holly’s famous gluten free chocolate chips cookies that she made us before we left that have now become some sort of God-send on this road trip. Gluten free is not easy to come by out here in the great wide open.

Took a stroll through the village. Vail is beautiful. It reminded us both of a little ski village in Germany. People were friendly and there were lots and lots of doggies. Did  a little souvenir shopping, waded in some streams/fountains and just basically relaxed and enjoyed the beauty.




Then we got a text from Melanie saying “Where are you at? Radio station – quick Pepper interview and acoustic set and then Red Rocks..hurry up!” Oh snap dragon. We’d gotten carried up in the ‘doing nothing’ and lagged. Now we had to rush. Dang it. We headed straight for car..after a potty time to stop while driving from this point out..we were on a mission to get to the radio station STAT.

We made it. Barely.

Pepper rocked the radio station..this is normal 🙂 and then we were off to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Now I have to say..there has been a lot of build up around seeing this show at Red Rocks…everyone we talk to says it is an absolutely amazing venue. The amphitheater is built into natural red rocks, is unlike any place in the world and the sound is superior. If your interested in learning more about the history…. . Oh I should probably mention.. besides that gluten free cookie and a string cheese from the cooler..we had forgotten to eat. Not a smart choice when ‘party like a rockstar’ literally is on your agenda.

Melanie and Kaleo pre show.

Green Room

Up to the green room to wait and start getting juiced up. That is slang for -drink cocktails.  Another thing worth  mentioning… Angela and I are not big drinkers. In fact were probably the cheapest dates you will find…so when you factor in that whole ‘we forgot to eat’ issue and low alcohol tolerance.. you have a lethal combination. LOL . Pepper got suited up – literally – in red swim trunks and zinc on their noses -this tours theme – is ‘Lifeguards’ They are saving lives every night…

Kaleo checking his ear piece.

They took the stage at 7 to a packed crowd in pouring down rain. Show was sold out and oversold i think..numbers in the stands were around 10,000. That is a lot of screaming fans. People were going off. Pepper is infamous for being high energy and getting the entire crowd moving..and they did not disappoint. So proud of you boys! Oh how did I forget.. Kaleo – guitar player and lead married to of our ‘global girls’ on the show. I’ve known Melanie for nearly 20 years and her and Kaleo have been married for 9 – I think? So hence the connection to Pepper for us and our backstage access to all their shows.

Offspring played second and 311 closed things out. We watched some of it from the sound booth- best spot in the venue for amazing sound and some of it on the side of the stage. Then the real fun began – AFTER PARTY on da’ tour bus. Now unfortunately there is a strict – No Photo’s on the bus policy in constant enforcement by Pepper’s tour manager -Coach… Coach regularly enjoys scolding me and ‘coaching me’ or should I say – I’m almost always getting ‘coached’ by the coach. Personal note to you Coach.. I know deep down inside you are nice – I experienced you being friendly one time- in Aspen – a year and  half ago when you were very intoxicated and one time at Melanie’s birthday party! And you always shake it when da’ bus turns into Dance Party USA.. in fact you asked for Dance Party Wednesday night cuz you know I bring it!!!  I know the whole ‘meanie’ thing is just an act.  Moving on – I wonder why they have that no photo rule? HAHAHAHHA . I did make a movie of Pepper’s infamous Intern busting out the moves – super late night as we were shutting down the bus. Enjoy.

Super proud of Angie – she was nodding off and yawning by 10 and she stuck it out all night long. You little trooper- I knew you had it in you. So when we got to the bus we were greeted by an enormous plate of all organic homemade nachos – covered in giant chunks of avocado – made with love by Kaleo. They may of been the best nachos ever and he must of been psychic. All we talked about the entire way back to the bus was how starving we were. We engulfed the best nachos ever and spilled on my white pants doing so. Didn’t even care. We had made a quick stop by catering underground at red rocks right after Pepper played… but there really wasn’t any time to eat. Angie did manage to swallow a yogurt while Kaleo attempted to get me to shot-gun beers. THANK SWEET BABY JESUS I am allergic to beer (gluten). I was already quite liquored up from my one cocktail. Not kidding.

Catering – Notice red rock wall!

Alrighty..I’ve got to wrap it up..check out time was an hour and a half ago and I’m feeling like any minute now someone is going to barge down the door and kick us out.

To temporarily wrap up the tour thing.. im inserting a clip from 311’s drum solo that I shot from on stage and later I’ll come back and stick some more great pics in.

Lastly we retreated back to our Monte Carlo suite at Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver after a teary goodbye to Kaleo, Dub and Intern- AKA Monkey! Thanks for hooking us up with the suite Mr. and Mrs. Kaleo Wassman and Pepper hotel bookers! Much obliged! And BTW.. we are heading into Vegas and not sure what the wifi situation is going to be?????

Still recovering,

Eden and Angela