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Yo te amo Barcelona…

30 Jun

I transferred to a new school in 6th grade. A not so fun experience for an 11-year-old. Especially considering I had also transferred to a new school in 5th grade. No I was not a problem child. First we moved – hence the new school in 5th grade and then after completing that year I was invited to attend a smarty pants school. You know the type..lots of smart children compile into one place and have more homework. Two major changes in two years. So anyhow… on the first day of 6th grade I wandered aimlessly around the quad. Either make friends or die – at least that’s what an 11-year-old thinks. I’m still here..so I obviously survived. Wandering around the quad that day was also another new girl, one who was having an equally traumatic experience. Her family was from Spain and after living in South Africa for many years had relocated to the grand ol’ U.S. of A to pursue the American dream. Not only a new school for my soon to be best friend but a new land and a new language too. Where am I going with all this and what does it have to do with me loving Barcelona? I’m getting there I swear I really am. Caroline (Carolina in Espana) was her name and we forged a bond that day that has with stood the test of time. We were and still are the best of friends.

This is me in the 6th Grade - I'm wearing my favorite dress!

I spent countless days with Caroline and her family. I was fascinated by their accents, their mannerisms, decor, traditions, food and especially with how fast her mother could fire out words while scolding Caroline – or both of us- in Catalan. Catalan…is a dialect spoken in the region of Spain known as Catalonia. Catalonia is one of the 17 Autonomous Communities of the Kingdom of Spain. Its capital is Barcelona. In case you were wondering – political power in Spain is channeled by a central government and 17 autonomous communities or regional governments. Did you know that ? Did I just teach you something? It must have been that smarty pants school back in 6th grade. 🙂 Bringing it back around..got off on a tangent there..I suppose it would seem I was already smitten with Espana and I hadn’t even sent foot off American soil yet. Flash forward. Caroline’s parents sent her to private school back in Spain right smack in the middle of our freshman year in High School. I was devastated. I vowed to come and visit. It only took me 13 years to get there..but hey who’s counting? (Besides Caroline)  


Caroline and Mom


 I can now proudly say I have been to Barcelona many times and rather than tell you about a specific trip.. I will tell you about my favorite adventures. I can’t possibly fit all of them into this one blog – so I will start back at the beginning. First trip to Barcelona, first night out, first adventure. 🙂 Look for others in the future – so many great memories and I will share most – The food, the people, the sights, Tibidabo, the beaches, Las Ramblas, Festa Major De Gracia, Gaudi -the list goes on and on! 🙂  


Adventure Numero Uno – Barcelona Club Hopping Night after 20 hours of flying:  

I was so excited that I had finally made it to Barcelona that I refused to embrace jet lag or exhaustion. Exit plane, squeeeel with delight when seeing Caroline for first time in years, drive to her apartment , talk incessantly, shower, food, wine bar, nightclub and dancing – in that order.  

The view from Caroline's Apt.

Interior Apartment Shot

Let’s just get right into it. We arrive at our first club. I have never experienced Latin men like this. Whoa. They love the Americans with blonde hair and light eyes. I should mention that I have a girlfriend traveling with me that fits this mold too. We don’t have to wait, don’t have to pay and are shown right it. I’m feeling right at home and loving Barcelona even more…and it only gets better. We have an authentic Spaniard with us.. Caroline has developed an impressive repertoire of foreign languages and is capable of firing off in Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan. We are covered on all fronts and Caroline is a beauty. Life is good. We wander around the club, grab a drink and start to settle in. We had our choice of rooms to hang out in and we headed upstairs into the designated hip hop area. I’ve never been a techno girl. Now for some reason I have to admit – I was expecting the music to suck. I’m not really sure what I thought the DJ would be playing but it definitely wasn’t Snoop Dogg and Notorious BIG – so when we walked in.. I was pleasantly surprised… I can work with Snoop- definitely wasn’t what I was expecting- but it’s all good …heads are bobbin’, drinks are flowin’ and I am a happy girl.  

Sara and I

Up in da' club!

Caroline and I

Suddenly I realize my girlfriend isn’t next to me. We’d been fending off suitors for the last hour laughing and she’d been bugging me to dance.. I figured she’d finally succumb to one of the latin love’s in hot pursuit and made her way to cut a rug. I wandered to the edge of the dance floor and noticed a small circle of about 8-10 men had formed. My girlfriend is in the middle. She isn’t putting on a show. Each guy is patiently waiting their turn to dance with her. She would dance for a few seconds with one and then move to the next round and round the circle. They were all very handsome and could really dance. She looked like a 5-year-old who had found Santa under the tree holding a new puppy with a giant red bow. I can honestly say I laughed so hard my sides hurt…I asked her after- What were you doing? She said they all wanted to dance and wouldn’t take no for an answer and she didn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. Oh boo whooo..sure Sara.  

Sara making her way around the circle.. wearing a hat belonging to one of her 8 dance partners.

The night only got better and better for Sara. Did I mention she was single and I wasn’t? The Barcelona EuroLeague Basketball team had just walked in. That’s kind of like the Lakers in Spain…need I say more? What? I can look alright… I assure you – basketball players are not my thing..but Sara does need a strong wingwoman and someone to look out for her best interests. I repeatedly have to lift her jaw up off the floor and drag her away from them.  

This was only 2 of them..there were like 14 more.

Caroline meanwhile had bumped into some colleagues from the fashion industry – (she works for Dolce and Gabbana and I think they were with Gucci) and was pondering over an invitation to Menorca on their yacht. Boy oh boy..what is not to like about Spain?  


We did have our fair share of stalky types of men that we had to hide in the bathroom from..they are persistent those Latins..but this club had a DJ in the womens bathroom so it was no trouble…just a little change of pace.  

Yes - that really is a DJ in the bathroom AKA Lovely Room

And there was actual dancing happening in the Lovely Room..best bathroom ever.

5 hours after we entered the club we eventually made our way out . It was only after the coach of the Barcelona basketball team dragged his players out that Sara would agree to leave. We exited just in time to see the sunrise. 5:30 am Barcelona time.. 9:30pm for Sara and I.  

Barcelona sunrise..

 We were still going strong and on US Pacific Standard Time- but it was starting to sink in that we had been up for like 2 days and were running off pure adrenaline and excitement. It took almost an hour for us to hail a taxi to take us back to the Plaza where we had left Caroline’s car. Have no fear..there were lots of ‘clubbers’ stranded waiting for taxi’s so the socializing and good times continued out front.  

Deliriously tired and giddy in the front seat..

And down for the count in the back seat - It'd been a hard days night!

  We got back to Caroline’s at around 7:30am. Thank God for those metal shades that roll down over your apartment windows and completely eliminate all perception of what time of day it is.  

Love those metal shades.

We didn’t get up until 4 pm that afternoon…and the next day/night started off at a little pizza place over looking the ocean right by Caroline’s apartment. The Chef made our pizza into the shape of a giant heart. He must of known that I love Barcelona…