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Waterfall showers, sexy face and Melanie sandwiched in between New Yorks finest!

11 Oct

DO YOU WANT TO SEE ONE OF YOUR OWN STORIES POSTED HERE ON THE GIRLS GONE GLOBAL BLOG?? We want to read em’ and post em’! Scroll down for details on what we are looking for!

The Girls Gone Global Blog has so many good things coming your way this month.  We are so excited to share! Awesome Autumn is upon us – did that sound really cheesy? Fabulous Fall – is that better? Oh whatever!! You all know I am a little cheesy and I am A – OK with it… and I am in one of those moods.. be prepared for more cheesy-ness below. Consider that your warning. 🙂  Call it what you will- Summer is over. 😦  But have no fear – the good times will still roll over here! Starting this week- every Friday I am posting a new blog from each one of the girls and in addition I’ll pop in from time to time with little updates, stories and photos. The girls are each writing about what life is like in the city they live in.  Angela is sharing a picture perfect Portland day and Melanie is bringing up the rear with sunny San Diego. So stop by the blog often and take a look at all the new content coming your way! Also we are going to post a sneak peak of the show soon and you will only find it here!

If you live somewhere fantastic and you want to share a great afternoon, day or week in your home town – write about it, attach pics and send an email to edenmariejames@me.com.  We will be in touch and then…WE WILL POST IT HERE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!  We love our readers and know that you too have great stories, pics and recommendations to share.

Alrighty then- So we are all home and settled after our last big summer hoorah. No wait that’s a lie. I’m not settled and I hate that summer is over. I think I have a serious case of  ‘home from vacation depression” and my body is also  experiencing weather shock. A hot and sunny 85′ in Kauai, then 114′ heat wave in LA and then freezing cold and rainy in Seattle and then rainy again in LA. All within a week.  And today it’s 80’ again. What is going on with the weather?


Pure gorgeous Kauai!         Waterfall showers at Secrets!


Hanalei Sunset                   Kauai Lovebirds!            Hideaways – Princeville


Look at those giant waves and that  girl sitting on the grass! LOL

We got home from Kauai on Tuesday and then headed to Seattle on Friday – flew back to LA the following Tuesday and then Melanie headed to NYC  to visit  Kaleo on tour.  I wanted to go sort of – I also wanted to sleep in my own bed for more than 3 nights. We have all been traveling basically non-stop since July.. so a little break was in order- little did I know the home from vacation depression was coming…and Melanie keeps texting me pictures from all my favorite places in NYC – you little brat you!  🙂


Sexy face lady and me at our favorite speakeasy in Seattle: Bathtub Gin & Co.


Mel with the NYC Police Band, in Times Square & then at Kashkaval with Remy(her brother), his love Whitney & Mr. Kaleo Wassman below!

So needless to say – we have been and still are busy little bees. The travel calendar is starting to fill up for the next few months as well. In closing….don’t think I forgot about posting The 3am Undercover Sting Operation. FINALLY!!! It has been written and is finished!! I had originally included it at the end of this blog but it was way way way to long. So I am going to post it Tuesday Oct. 12…well technically it will be Wednesday Oct. 13th (my lucky number y’all) at 12:00 amPST -midnight!!! So come on back now ya’ hear!! I think you’re gonna like it!! Shooooot – I know your going to like it – It’s a very good story.. 🙂