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3 In A King and A Super Hot Soak! Day 4 Part One.

28 Jul

Yes I know. This is late. Really late…and it’s¬†only Part One. Live blogging has it’s challenges..such as internet access and hangover recovery and long bout’s of driving. These things all factored into the delay this time. We are just full of excuses aren’t we? ūüôā Moving on…cuz’ the good news is… The first half of Day 4 is here now and the second half will be up tomorrow and then Day 5 is coming and VEGAS¬†– can you say undercover sting operation¬†with the¬†Las Vegas¬†Police Department! Seriously. ¬†I can make no¬†promises about attempting to keep this short.. It’s going to be a long one-¬†to much¬†good stuff to share – so pour yourself a¬†glass of¬†something and prepare for a¬†stiff read! LOL

After a restful night – kind of – no not really at all –¬†can three people sleeping¬† in¬†one King bed¬†that have¬†been drinking¬†really sleep soundly?¬†Nope.¬†¬†After trying to sleep…let me paint the picture for you… Angie squished in the middle (she’s the stillest) and Melanie and I each taking a side..we proceeded to all toss and turn and flip and flop from about 4 until 10. One slight little movement in such close proximity..everyone’s¬†up..we finally just decided – if one of us woke up – we would all use that as an opportunity to shift position. Very funny. And don’t get me started on how hot it was. One leg out of the covers..one leg in..upper half no covers..all covered up.¬† Back and forth. So we crawled out of bed after attempting to sleep around 11am. Quick pack and shower and we were out of the Monte Carlo AKA Roger Rabbit suite. The pics say it all. Giant yellow stripes, red¬†& black curtains, blue chair-¬†you get it.

Melanie had to be at the airport by noon…so we were on a mission. One of the greatest things about the nav system in the 335diesel¬†is that it adjusts your designated route minute by minute depending on the live traffic updates it receives via satellite. I have to do nothing..the sweet little voice in my car simply says – “Your route has been updated” LOVE THIS FEATURE. So needless to say – we made it to the airport on time and did not sit in any traffic. We did however reroute through what we thought was the projects in Denver. Always nice to see all sides of a city.

As soon as we dropped Melanie off we missed her. We considered kidnapping her and forcing her to road trip back with us but we didn’t have room for her and her luggage. We just had to bring all that dang crap. Darn it. As you will notice in the photo above Angie is wearing another one of her now infamous $9.99 Target dresses. Green in honor of Denver and the Rocky Mountains that¬†we still¬†had to drive over. Back to the road. Breakfast this morning consisted of sunflower seeds – Angie hates them but has now taken up eating them daily. The road calls for extreme measures. We also each had one of Holly’s cookies. Breakfast of champions.

We had¬† a big day ahead of us. A lot of miles to cover and I was not looking forward to a single one. There are approximately 773.07¬†miles between Denver International Airport and Viva Las Vegas. Under normal circumstances I love the road trip and all the miles…however I was not feeling so well today. I really didn’t drink that much..but between the altitude, lack of sleep and lack of food the night/day before.. I was hurtin’. Angie wasn’t in much better shape. We set the nav and headed west.

Todays main objective was specifically to cover miles..but what kind of road trip would it be without a few stops? Even if we¬†do have¬†mean headaches, are¬†pressed for time and on a mission.¬†In hindsight we probably should not of planned our longest driving day the morning after ‘Party Like A Rock Star’ was on our agenda. We¬†had a room booked at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas¬†starting Thursday¬†night…so technically we had about 30 hours to get there…that does¬†¬†leave plenty of room for a few little side adventures…

First spontaneous¬†stop..¬† Indian Springs Resort.¬† As we were driving through Idaho Springs I recalled hearing that there were great Hot Springs somewhere¬†in the area. A quick stop at the nearby Starbucks…free wife, 5 minutes on the google and voila! ¬†¬†We were only about a mile away. What sounds better than soaking in all natural hot springs when hung over? Nada. Indian Springs Resort was a ‘groovy’ place. Very rustic. Very Hippy. The Geo-Thermal soaking caves were originally mines that were later converted into tubs. They had a mineral pool, private soaking indoor tubs, soaking caves and outdoor soaking jacuzzi’s..all filled with naturally hot mineral water. Angie was¬†freaked out by the caves.¬† It was dark and really hot and kind of smelly – in her defense and I¬†was way to¬†‘headachey’ to attempt to talk her into it.¬†Then we saw a snake slither by as we were touring the outdoor tubs¬†and it was over. As we stepped off the red wood deck she said to me – “Eden – stop moving. Stand still. Stay calm. Don’t freak out.¬† There’s a snake” None of those words made me calm and not want to freak out. We were heading out – off to the next option. Detoxification through sweat and soaking would have to wait.¬†

Angie saying¬†“Hell no – It’s way to hottt!”

SNAKE! I swear it looks smaller than it was.

About 2 hours further west on Interstate 70 the Yampah Vapor¬†Caves¬†were calling our names. North America’s only all natural underground hot mineral water steam baths¬† are located in the¬†little town of Glenwood Springs Colorado. Same place coincidentally we had¬†found great lodging¬†(America’s Best Value Inn Day 2¬†with the kick butt pillow top mattresses) on our way to Red Rocks.¬† Hot mineral waters flow through the cave floors at 125 degrees F. to create¬†their¬†natural geothermal steam baths… cave temperatures average 110 -112 degrees F. It is freaking hot.¬†

¬†Your only allowed to stay down in the caves for 10-12 minutes at a time. You are instantly dripping sweat…there is access to cold water through a shower and hose located within the caves.¬† Large buckets/tubs are laying around¬†that people were filling and soaking their feet in while leaning back on large marble slabs. It felt great. It was really hot. Angie started panicking as soon as we headed down the stairs into the caves. She hung out by the entrance and remarked how sweaty I was every time I came to check on her ūüôā . She agreed to come into the caves only if I would have the cold shower running for her so she could aim for it upon her venture in. She ran straight¬†for it¬†– rinsed in cold quickly and ran straight out.¬† Again-¬†It was really hot. REALLY REALLY¬†HOT. Manager was great¬† – as were the staff.¬† A+ experience.




Have we established it was hot? ūüôā After the caves most people head into the solarium to cool off and then back into the caves…not us. We had arranged for a private soak in a tub filled with – yep you guessed it – REALLY¬†HOT mineral spring water.

The private tub soak¬†would be great for a ‘romantic’ little get away if your ever in the area with your special someone.. They had candles lit, a little tray all set up with ice-cold water and wash clothes¬†soaking in ice chips. Wait. Sweating profusely isn’t so sexy. So maybe not. Cancel romantic soak and fill in with hangover recovery instead ūüôā Ha Ha. I think¬†every drop of alcohol had sweated out of me by this point. Drinking 600 glasses of ice water probably helped as well.¬† I suppose the¬†Yampah Caves and Mineral Baths are great for both…Romance and recovery.¬† Eden… Angela…Eden…Angela…- what is that¬†we hear?¬†Oh yes..the sound of the road calling our names – and food. Yes we must have food. Cookies and seeds..not so good anymore.¬†

TO BE CONTINUED… ūüôā Chomp’s Delicatessen, lightning storms (we’ve got video)¬†and the worst rain either of us have ever experienced –¬†ever ever ever. I mean it was sideways people. ¬†How is that possible?


Eden and Angela


Still Trippin’ Day 3 – Unity Tour is calling!

22 Jul

Alright. Day 3. First we must apologize for the delay. The intention is for these to be written the ‘day after’ therefore this blog should of been written the morning of Day 4..but after the late night of Day 3…all we did yesterday was attempt to recover and drive as much as possible so that we could get to Vegas and finally stop driving for a few days. Recovery attempts were futile.. even a steam in North America’s only natural vapor caves and a dip in some amazing mineral hot springs..did not help. Details of those two super cool side stops¬†will be included in Day 4’s blog.¬† Also I will attempt to keep this blog short and sweet..in hindsight day 2 was so¬†long!!!

So we woke up..had breakfast in the cute little dining room off the office of America’s Best Value Inn and then headed straight for Vail. It was only a 35 minute drive from where we were so we arrived there in no time. After three times around the loopty¬†loo circle thing that takes you¬† into Vail..we just had to get a picture of the sign for you and it took 3 attempts.. ūüôā we drove into the village and found a place to park. Most of Vail -or¬†at least the heart of it and the village-¬†are pedestrian only zones. Quick walk from parking to the closest Starbucks for iced tea and wifi¬†signal. Right outside of there…in front of the little stream…that I talked about in the opening of the Day 2 post is where we blogged from. Oh and we ate some of Holly’s famous gluten free chocolate chips cookies that she made us before we left that have now become some sort of God-send on this road trip. Gluten free is not easy to come by out here in the great wide open.

Took a stroll through the village. Vail is beautiful. It reminded us both of a little ski village in Germany. People were friendly and there were lots and lots of doggies. Did  a little souvenir shopping, waded in some streams/fountains and just basically relaxed and enjoyed the beauty.




Then we got a text from Melanie saying “Where are you at? Radio station – quick Pepper interview and acoustic set and then Red Rocks..hurry up!” Oh snap dragon. We’d gotten carried up in the ‘doing nothing’ and lagged. Now we had to rush. Dang it. We headed straight for car..after a potty detour..no time to stop while driving from this point out..we were on a mission to get to the radio station STAT.

We made it. Barely.

Pepper rocked the radio station..this is normal ūüôā and then we were off to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Now I have to say..there has been a lot of build up around seeing this show at Red Rocks…everyone we talk to says it is an absolutely amazing venue. The amphitheater is built into natural red rocks, is unlike any place in the world¬†and the sound is superior. If your interested in learning more about the history….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Rocks_Amphitheatre¬†. Oh I should probably mention.. besides that gluten free¬†cookie and a string cheese from the cooler..we had forgotten to eat. Not a smart choice when ‘party like a rockstar’ literally is on your agenda.

Melanie and Kaleo pre show.

Green Room

Up to the green room to wait¬†and start getting juiced up.¬†That is slang for¬†-drink¬†cocktails.¬† Another thing worth¬† mentioning… Angela and¬†I are not big drinkers. In fact were probably the cheapest dates you will find…so when you factor in that whole ‘we forgot to eat’ issue and¬†low alcohol tolerance.. you have¬†a lethal combination. LOL . Pepper got suited up – literally – in red swim trunks and zinc on their noses -this tours theme – is ‘Lifeguards’ They are saving lives every night…

Kaleo checking his ear piece.

They took the stage at 7 to a packed crowd in pouring down rain. Show was sold out and oversold i¬†think..numbers in the stands were around 10,000. That is a lot of screaming fans. People were going off. Pepper is infamous for being high energy and getting the entire crowd moving..and they did not disappoint. So proud of you boys! Oh how did I forget.. Kaleo¬†– guitar player and lead vocalist..is married to Melanie..one of our ‘global girls’ on the show. I’ve known Melanie for nearly 20 years and her and Kaleo have been married for 9 – I think? So hence the connection to Pepper for us and our backstage access to all their shows.

Offspring played second and 311 closed things out. We watched some of it from the sound booth-¬†best spot in the venue for¬†amazing sound and some of it on the side of the stage. Then the real fun began – AFTER PARTY on da’ tour bus. Now unfortunately¬†there is a strict – No Photo’s on the bus policy in constant enforcement by Pepper’s tour manager -Coach… Coach regularly¬†enjoys scolding me and ‘coaching me’ or should¬†I say – I’m almost always getting ‘coached’ by the coach. Personal note to you Coach.. I know deep down inside you are nice – I experienced you being friendly one time-¬†in Aspen – a year and¬† half ago when you were very intoxicated and one time at Melanie’s birthday party! And you always shake it when da’ bus turns into Dance Party USA.. in fact you asked for Dance Party¬†Wednesday¬†night¬†cuz you know I bring it!!! ¬†I know the whole ‘meanie’ thing is just an act. ¬†Moving on – I wonder why they have that no photo rule? HAHAHAHHA . I did make a movie of Pepper’s infamous Intern busting out the moves – super late night as we were shutting down the bus. Enjoy.

Super proud of Angie – she was nodding off and yawning by¬†10 and she stuck it out all night long. You little trooper-¬†I knew you had it in you. So when we got to the bus we were greeted by an enormous plate¬†of all organic homemade nachos – covered in giant chunks of avocado – made with love by Kaleo. They may of been¬†the best nachos ever and he must of been¬†psychic. All we talked about the entire way back to the bus was how starving we were. We engulfed the best nachos ever and spilled on my white pants doing so. Didn’t even care.¬†We had made a quick stop by catering underground at red rocks right after Pepper played… but there really wasn’t any time to eat. Angie did manage to swallow a yogurt while Kaleo¬†attempted to get me to shot-gun beers. THANK SWEET BABY JESUS I am allergic to beer (gluten). I was already quite liquored up from my one cocktail. Not kidding.

Catering – Notice red rock wall!

Alrighty..I’ve got to wrap it up..check out time was an hour and a half ago and I’m feeling like any minute now someone is going to barge down the door and kick us out.

To temporarily wrap up the tour thing.. im inserting a clip from 311’s drum solo that I shot from on stage and later I’ll come back and stick some more great pics in.

Lastly we retreated back to our Monte Carlo suite at Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver after a teary goodbye to Kaleo, Dub and Intern- AKA Monkey! Thanks for hooking us up with the suite Mr. and Mrs. Kaleo Wassman and Pepper hotel bookers! Much obliged! And BTW.. we are heading into Vegas and not sure what the wifi situation is going to be?????

Still recovering,

Eden and Angela