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Baby I Was Born This Way!

4 Mar

So it’s official. We are booking the 7 day Greek Isle Cruise out of Venice. Yes I love to cruise – I am one of those people – Angie refuses to set foot on a boat – Melanie hates it..well strongly dislikes it would be more accurate..it’s the food – but me – I LOVE IT!  (That’s another blog in itself.) I haven’t been excited about much lately and I gotta say – it feels good to be excited about this. Things could not of come together more perfectly!

The original plan was to fly abroad on July 5th spend the next 10 days touring Belgium, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Germany – do a couple of days in Paris and then head down to the South of France for a 7 day private tour of the region.  After the South of France we will take a train into Espana and spend a few days in my beloved Barcelona before heading to NYC – and three days in Lilydale. Wow. I just felt tired thinking about all that.  Must reframe the brain around that. I’m also putting it out there that I am absolutely – completely refusing to experience jet lag at anytime during this trip. So here is why I was speculating as to whether or not the cruise thing would work out.. The dates I was available to cruise were very limited. I had to be back on land by the 5th of July – not a day later and while I am willing to come back to port a few days early..I couldn’t get off the ship on say the 27th or 28th of June. Toiling around in Europe for an extra week can cost the big bucks…even with all my budget savvy trip saving tactics in place. And lastly I’ve been a lot of places that are common cruise destinations and I was having a very hard time finding a cruise that visited – new to me- locations. My number one choice and where I wanted to go was the Greek Isles and imagine my delight when I stumbled upon an American cruise line, going to all my dreamy top choice ports and leaving from one of my favorite places and all the dates were perfect and the price is incredible!! Wow that was a run on sentence. Now all I am asking the Universe for is a plane ticket to Europe round trip for under $1000. Yep – there it is Universe. I’d like one of those please.

So all in all I will be gone for approximately 38 days…and I deserve every single one of those glorious vacation days as do you my fellow readers and friends. Now Angie on the other hand. She’d be freaking out. She is only participating in the last couple legs of the trip. She’s a very routine oriented person and doesn’t like to be away from home longer than 10 days. I have no idea why because as soon as she gets home and gets settled in she starts complaining about wanting to go somewhere and being bored every single day.  Being a teacher she has the whole summer off and she goes very stir crazy.  I suppose it’s just how she is – she was born that way and I clearly was not.  However both ways are perfect …unless she’s making me come home early from a trip. Just kidding. I really think I have Gypsy blood if there is such a thing. I want to see the entire planet. All the time. While I do love my squishy soft pillow top California King bed and the comforts of home – I’d gladly swap them for an adventure abroad- heck an adventure anywhere – wait I have to be straight with you-  I’m not the best ‘rough it’ camper. I’ll do it – for a few days. Then I’m out. And ‘rough it’ camper means hot water and a toilet to me. Now my sister on the other hand…she requires a rock star tour bus in order to agree to camp..so at least I am not that bad.  🙂 Love you sissy.

Alrighty then…lets wrap this blog up. Next friday we are starting the “Why we love to travel, why we think you should too and why you deserve it” series of posts. Really I am just so full of run on sentences tonight. I’ve never said this was a good grammar blog. Hahahaha . Melanie is currently on a cruise ship – I told her to claim she had a gluten allergy which ensures every single meal is made fresh for her – so hopefully she took my advice and has become a converted cruise lover  ❤ .  I really am allergic to gluten as is Angie, so my eating experience on a cruise is very different from most people’s.  I order what I want specifically the night before dinner and everything is made fresh and is allergen free – just for me!!  I just get so excited about cruising.  I think it’s the hot balmy sexy nights at sea and the sun drenched days in exotic places. Ok – focus Eden. On that note I will leave you with an amazing little girl belting out Lady Gaga’s latest jam…in  honor of Angie being ‘born that way’.  🙂

So Much LOVE,



Venice Venice Venice!

23 Jun
Venice was absolutely my favorite destination on our recent European tour. From the most handsome of men to the most delectable cuisine, I could have stayed there forever. As seen in the picture below, I arrived in the glorious city of Venice by water taxi, closely followed by an equally glorious civilian. Though the taxi wasn’t crowded, the gentleman behind me found the need to stand close by, not that I minded. 
Our accommodations consisted of a primordial apartment building that flowed seamlessly into the timeless Italian scenery. As I was helped off the water taxi, a local woman by the name of Vivian walked us to our temporary residence. Vivian was dressed in a stylish black outfit paired with Italian leather heels. The sunglasses she bore never left her face. She walked with quick sure steps, and we had to hurry to keep up as she led the way. We waked three flights of stairs to our apartment room. When she opened the door the comfortable furnishings and exclusive woodwork pleasantly surprised me. 


By the end of the short journey I was famished and exhausted. After the day out, we decided to stay in and cook. We made grilled cheese sandwiches with olive oil because butter was not an option. They ended up being the best-grilled cheese sandwichs we ever had. 


The following morning we stopped by a local café and shared chocolate croissants and Italian cappuccinos. Afterwards we shopped and explored the local scenery. Taking cobblestone paths and skinny walkways we ventured through Venice. Along the way we stopped at a Furla store and picked up some beautiful Italian bags. I would recommend that store to anyone, the prices are much more conservative in Italy than in a Saks in the U.S. 


Later on we visited St. Marks Square where dozens of pigeons crowded the gathering place. Though I am an animal lover, this many birds made me feel claustrophobic. I had to escape and come back later when it was dark and less congested. When we returned the city had transformed into an elegant masterpiece. The tables that lined the small restaurants and cafes were strewn with white lights and candles. Venders were on every corner selling authentic Italian handicrafts. I was overwhelmed with the unique culture and livelihood that overflowed during the balmy night. 


Disregarding the idea of eating at one of the more famous restaurants in St. Marks Square, we found a quaint tourist free bistro. The fed us pasta and delicious wine, which I watered down as I noticed the locals did. The pasta noodles were perfectly al dente, and the live entertainment was marvelous. An Italian man, who attempted to sing the very American song, Spider Man, serenaded us. 


Later that night, being our last night in Venice, we enjoyed a gondola ride. We were serenaded yet again by our guide Alessio, who sang us an operetta Italian love song. As we glided through the dimly lit canals I was able to relax and relish the sultry pastel colors of Italy. 


The next morning we indulged in chocolate croissants and cappuccinos for a second time. We walked to Doge’s Palace where the famous Casanova was kept. We visited the Palace on a private tour where we were able to see where Casanova slept. There is a photo of me below looking at the Bridge of Sighs, which got its name from the idea that once a prisoner crosses that bridge it is most likely the last time they will see freedom or the Mediterranean. I thought my expression in the photo is quite befitting for the bridge and what it represents…I could not justify a smile.  


After exploring Doge’s Palace we were off to Florence. The part of Venice I miss the most is walking through the streets during all times of day without having to breathe it car exhaust, for there are no cars in Venice!

Venezia Venezia Venezia … Come ho tempo per tornare a te!